Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Fun Show Off

Today I am participating in Shell's Summer Recap- which is actually very timely as our summer is officially over- school started today! Plus if you link up with Shell then you can link up your Summer Fun for a chance to win prizes from Ubisoft. Lucas is now a first grader. I sent him off to school with money so he could buy his first school lunch. I had butterflies when he started kindergarten and thought this time would be better- but it might just be worse. Maybe because he is now gone all day and even eating lunch at school... that just seems so much more permanent and real.

So while I am taking a few big breaths trying to relax and let reality sink in here is a recap of our very short summer.

We graduated into summer the first week of June....
Lucas from kindergarten, Alex from preschool
(she has one more year of preschool this was just her last time at this preschool)

...And almost immediately went into boxes--well all of our stuff since we moved

Eric and I celebrated ten years of marriage! By moving...
Oh and he gave me these beautiful flowers and we did go out for sushi
we will do something big for 11!

We celebrated father's day- and my dad was in town then too!

We cooled off with the sprinklers and loved having my parents here
We boated around the harbor.. well until our boat died and we were stuck.

We celebrated the 4th with my parents and then let them go home after they were our slave labor helped us move in

We had an amazingly awesome trip to Utah and had so much fun with family

--you can see lots more pictures here, here, and here

And then we finally had some days of just sitting around, staying in our pajamas all day and being lazy

It was a great summer- but totally too short-- it was exactly two months between when Lucas finished school and today-his first day.

Maybe next summer we will be able to just sit around....
nah probably not.

How was your summer?


  1. Summer seemed crazy short this year. We only have 3 more weeks until it's back to school. It seems like just yesterday we were getting out.

    As usual, I love all the pictures!

  2. Wow, you were busy! I always love your pics.

    Hope the first day of first grade goes well!

  3. Such beautiful pics! And I totally agree with you--our summer was over way too soon! I hope today goes well with school :)

  4. Wow, he had a very short summer! That doesn't seem fair. I love all your pictures and plan on doing a summer wrap-up post similar to yours. Only we still have 2 weeks left and I'm not handing in the towel yet!

  5. Short and (not quite as) crazy (as yours) but good! :) So glad we got to see you.

  6. Awww, that's so cool! I love that picture of Ryder on the boxes!

  7. Summer is such an awesome time.

  8. You put this together so very beautifully!

    And that boxes picture? Priceless!

  9. great pictures! Sounds like a busy summer!

  10. A fun summer indeed! And our kindergarten is full day out here, so I totally get what you mean! Eating lunch at school makes it seem more real.

  11. Wonderful pictures! What an eventful summer you've had.

  12. what a fun collection of summer memories!! :) the whole summer thing is a blur for me... my kids aren't in school yet and I don't get a summer 'break' persay, so its all mushed together.. i've gotta try to look back at my summer of sweating... hah
    great post!! loved the picures!

  13. Such great pics! And the first day of school already?? Yikes, I thought you had another week yet. Hope it went well :)

  14. Isn't "summer" always to short? The part that you actually get to spend together at least?? YES it is!

    That picture of Alex at her graduation has to be one of the best! She looks so proud! I just LOVE it! You will treasure it for sure :-)

    You had a busy, fun and eventful summer... the best kind to have!

    Prayed for Lucas today :-) I can't wait to hear about his first day. Still praying that the adjustment for Lucas is smooth and quick. Plus the transition for you ;-)

  15. What a great recap of your summer!

    And how in the world can school be starting, we still have 4 weeks left. Ugh, I'm not ready...

  16. I think the whole "moving" thing qualifies you as a supermom :)

    And only two months... pshaw!

  17. That does sound like a fun summer! Your kids are so cute. :) We did a lot of swimming and took a trip to Arizona. School starts in 2 weeks for us. We'll squeeze more life out of this summer first!

  18. It was like a walk down memory lane, remembering your posts about all those moments. Glad to have been a part of your summer!

    Hope the return to school goes well and that the homework battles stay away for a while. :)

  19. ACK! The pictures won't load, but it sounds like you had a wonderful, crazy, busy summer. Ours, too, was too short. The big event being our trip north for my sister's wedding!

  20. These pics are so good! I love the collage.

    Congrats on 10 years of marriage. We did the same as you - too much going on our 10th year, so we went on a trip the next year!

    And I have butterflies about school every year - each year is a right of passage that makes me sad about time passing.

  21. Great pics! Happy 10th anniversary!

    We also moved this summer - well, technically still in the process, moved out of our house at the end of May and just found a house and are in the process of buying - quite an adventure!

  22. I love the last picture with everyone's arms raised high.

    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Again, I love all your photos! I always love your pictures. My favorite is of the babe on the boxes! So cute.
    Summer has flown by. Time has flown by! I can't believe it's going to be Sept soon.....too fast. I just want to play in the water and sun forever with my kids!

  24. We had a similar summer with an amazing trip to Utah and a very short 2 month summer. We celebrated 13 years of marriage back in April and we didn't move. ;)

  25. I absolutley LOVE the picture of the baby on the boxes! SO cute!

    We moved right before Summer got under way, so I can relate! I loved all the pics. Stopping by from Shell's Summer Show Off. :)