Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas ReCap

Before Christmas gets too far behind us- here is our Christmas in pictures.

Christmas Eve

Sugar Cookies- Ryder helped spread out the flower

Gingerbread houses
(a Halloween kit I bought after Halloween then just got our own candy)
(clock-wise starting top left: Ryder's, Alex's, Eric's, Lucas and mine)

Christmas Eve we also acted out the real scripture story, drank hot chocolate and lit a fire-- all of which I do not have pictures of

Christmas Eve Pajamas
Christmas morning the kids opened their stockings- Alex was very excited she got tic tacs- one of the two things she asked Santa for

Then off to church for wonderful music, talks and a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas

Then back home for a few pictures
(Lucas had already changed his pants)

And then of course presents

The aftermath
Hauling off some of his loot
It was a wonderful Christmas and I am quite sad it is over. And once I take down the decorations my sadness will compound as my house always seems so bare after I take down the decor. Are you happy or sad that Christmas is over?

P.S. Week 4 of the Review Extravaganza this Friday!!


  1. I am loving your sugar cookies and gingerbread house! I can't wait to cook with Gracie, I think it will be such a fun experience! Also, their Christmas outfits are adorable. Glad y'all had a great Christmas! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  2. We had a good Christmas but I am glad it is over. It's such a busy but fun time.

  3. Sugar cookies and gingerbread houses just scream out Christmas! IT looks like such a good time.

  4. Your houses are so cute. And I still love that they are Halloween houses!hehe.

    Our aftermath was a tad smaller, but it's because the kids are older and the gifts get smaller. It's weird. The biggest (size wise) were the Pet shop tree house and the hot wheels tracks. A few other pet shop things and cars.

    It's always a let down after Christmas, but it was good this year and I am happy with it.

  5. I am always in the happy it's gone camp. I'm glad to return to normal and clean and no clutter. It feels so good.

  6. What a perfect Christmas! Your pictures are so cute! We also made sugar cookies on Christmas Eve and acted out the scripture story.

    And I'm always so sad taking down the decorations too.

  7. The pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits are far too cute for words! Christmas flew by and I'm sad that it's over ... it never felt like it began ... I blame finals!!

  8. I love Christmas it's all still up. I am sad to take it down, but I know once it's down it will feel good to be moving on to a new year.

  9. Sure looks perfect to me! Alex looks so pretty in her Christmas clothes too! And I love how excited she was about tictacs! I hope someday we can share part of a Christmas Day with you guys!

    I am sad Christmas is over because it almost doesn't seem like we had Christmas with Todd throwing up and all. And me barfing the following day . . . bad timing. But at least we are healthy now. :)

  10. What a lovely Christmas! Seeing things like that sort of depress me. I want to live in my own house and be able to do those things! Sigh. At least this way I can gather ideas of things to do, right?
    It looks so fun, and your kids are darling. Alex is absolutely beautiful!

  11. Oh man the cookie baking and gingerbread house making sure brought back memories of when my guys were that age! Although the still got new P.J.s for Christmas, ones never too old for pajamas.

    I feel the same way about taking down the decorations so I'm waiting until after December...I think I'm going to stretch it out a bit.

    Your kids are absolutely adorable!

  12. I love your little gingerbread houses - what a great idea!

    And I am TOTALLY making note of opening presents after church! ha!

    I have mixed feelings about it all being over. I like the "clean" look of my house once the decorations are put away but I also just adore little white lights at night. :)

    Your kids are so beautiful! Merry belated Christmas!!

  13. the pictures are all adorable! I love your daughters Christmas Dress. It's gorgeous. I loved seeing the kids making the sugar cookies.

  14. I love those Gingerbread houses!!

  15. Dang, that's a pic I needed... the loot being hauled off!

    And btw, such great Christmas photos of the kiddos!

  16. Great pictures!!! What is it about tic tacs that kids love so much?! My daughter asks for a box every time I go to the grocery store!!

    This is going to sound very humbug, but I'm kind of happy Christmas is over. Mainly just because I get very excited to start a new year! :o)

  17. Your pictures are great! How nice that you are a photographer. You capture some of the best photos. So glad to hear you all had a Merry Christmas!

  18. Awe, you got some great shots! It looks like everyone was happy and having a good time. Kudos to you!

  19. You must be a totally organized person to be making sugar cookies and drinking hot chocolate on Christmas eve! Isn't that when the wrapping gets done?

    I love the pictures.

    I'm incredibly sad that Christmas is over. I wish I could do it again now that the house is quiet the shopping is over and the tree is beautiful. I hate having decorations come down. My house is bare too and January just goes on forever.

  20. I am very impressed with the gingerbread houses!! :-) I want to do that sometime! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

  21. Oh my word your children are beautiful. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. xo

  22. I love your reenactment idea. That is the neatest thing! Your photos of the kids are beautiful too.

  23. Great pictures.

    We had that same gingerbread house set!

  24. I'm sad Christmas is over too! It always goes SO fast!! I love that Alex asked Santa for tic tacs! too funny :)
    Your pictures are great...looks like you guys had a great day.

  25. Great shots! The aftermath is always the worst, isn't it? At least the kids enjoy it! Have a great New year's!

  26. I really love your pic of the three of them...they look so cute! Alex's hair looks so cute!

  27. Love it...."aftermath", lol. I love the expression on Lucas' face going up stairs with the goods. I remember that feeling when I was little...score!

  28. I love it! The aftermath is awesome...we always have something that looks like that too.
    I took the Christmas down always looks so bare and icky after.