Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft Time: Love Sign

This is my second post for today, easier to keep different projects separate, but wanted to show you how to make these before Valentines Day was over too. These were both projects I made for my antique wind0w- but you could make these to hang anywhere. Love Sign

-Little tag cards (got mine from PickYourPlum)
-Scrapbook paper
-mod podge
-paint brush
-paint (optional)
-string to hang cards from

1. Choose paper and cut to shape of your tag, I choose to not cover the top where the hole is on my cards (see step 2)2. Optional- If not covering the top with paper, paint the card in desired color

3. When paint dry- Mod Podge paper to tag, by painting thin layer of mod podge on tag, make sure you smooth out any bumps

4. When dry add layer of mod podge to top, to get that shiny finish

5. Add letters- mine were vinyl cut with Silhouette, but could use stickers or paint on6. String each letter, tie in not, hang and enjoy
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  1. I seriously love this! I love V-day decorations!

  2. I love these! I don't have any desire to decorate my home, but I really love these!

  3. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! We're sharing your entry on our new FB site and invite you to come join other MMWB there!

    What a great blog you do! Thank you for being so uplifting!

  4. LOVE. So I've never heard of Pick Your Plum and in the last two days I swear I've seen it referenced like 20 times. ;)

  5. Very cute idea. My sister has an antique door hanging sideways on her wall that's got her kids pictures and artwork doesn't change. I love that you switch out. Thanks for sharing...I'm thinking Pinterest.

  6. These are adorable. I made Christmas ornaments this year doing the same type of thing....which makes me feel crazy crafty, just knowing I have sort of done one of these crafts you master makes me feel awesome. :)

  7. What is pick your plum? I feel stupid. hahaha. Anyway..up close they are even cuter. And that is easy enough. I like easy.

  8. Okay whew! I was afraid you'd painted those letters. I was gonna say, I'm out! I can't paint that nice. LOL

  9. Awww, that is absolutely adorable!!!!! I love the font you used for the letters!!

  10. I want a cutter thing... a cricut or a sillouette or whatever crafty peple have.

  11. I went through the last several posts to get tutorials for everything you created - you inspire me with your creativity!

  12. Love the heart wreath. Last year I went all out for Valentine's day as I was holding a wedding shower for my friend at the same time. I'm not feeling much motivation to get everything out. Maybe I will though:)

  13. Love it! And you know I love me some Mod Podge!!

  14. I completely "LOVE" the love sign! So cute and creative!

  15. Love it!! So need to pin this when I get to a comp!!

  16. Love your craftiness! Thanks for sharing how you did it!