Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinerly and Randomness

It is no secret that I love pinterest. I am happy to say I have actually made several things from pinterest, so I don't just pin things. Yesterday I learned about something cool called Pinerly. It is a new site, still in beta, that will basically give you your pinterest stats. It will show you which pins are popular, who repins stuff a lot, etc. It is a Pinterest friendly dashboard.

There is a waiting list of course but if I get just five people to sign up then I am in and the same goes for you. So if you are on Pinterest definitely check out Pinerly-- just click here.

Oh and before I tell you something funny, I have to announce the winner for the Happy Feet Two DVD... the winner is
Jenny said...

We like Rio and Cars

I already emailed Jenny, but if I don't hear from her in two days I will draw another winner.

Happy Feet Two was released today- so if you didn't win can pick it up now. Thanks to everyone who entered.


And now a little funny.

Alex has a very awesome skill. Luckily she uses this skill to benefit me also.

What is her skill?
She can get Ryder to go anywhere with her.


Well by calling him a puppy.

Alex just has to sing "Walking down the street with my little puppy" (a tune she created) and Ryder will come run, grab her hand and walk with her. She will continue to sing the song as they walk around.

Just the other day when Ryder was trying to escape down the driveway, Alex ran after him and began singing. He quickly turned around, grabbed her hand and walked back to the car with her.

Guess I can call her a baby err puppy charmer.

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  1. That's too funny that Ryder wants to be considered a puppy! And so smart of Alex to use it for good things!

  2. I need to get Stella interested in being a puppy, and Cole as her keeper! That's fantastic and VERY handy!

    I will definitely check out the Pinerly thing. I haven't done as much on Pinterest lately, but I miss it!

  3. Awww that's too cute! Hey you've got to use your kids as assets right? :)

  4. Too funny Alex gets Ryder to walk with her as a 'little puppy'. Princess Nagger gets Little Dude to follow her everywhere like that, too. ;)

    The Lorax Fun, Jack Giambalvo Hyundai FAIL, GCB WINS

  5. That is a great skill that Alex has!

    I signed up for Pinerly with your link....good luck!

  6. Definitely will check out the Pinerly. Have made a few things from Pinterest that's totally awesome. Thank you.

  7. So that's all it takes to get a boy to follow you? I'm so gonna try that with my boys next time I have to take them out in public...LOL!!

  8. hahah! that is too funny. and really cute too. You should try and catch that on video!

  9. That sure is nice to have when the kids are acting up.I wonder if I can my daughter to follow my son like that?? LOL
    I haven't even heard of pinerly and I must be honest since there is a waiting list I'm kind of not wanting to check it out, in case I like it and can't get on it! !

  10. Hahaha! Love it! My kids used to play fetch with each other. :)

  11. LOL! Priceless! I'll have to try that with my niece, she loves to pretend she's a puppy or kitty!! :)

  12. I need to check this Pinerly out!

    I also need to try the "doggy" thing on Charlie :-)

  13. Ok, so several people have been posting on fb about this pinerly stuff. I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't clicked on it for more detail but you know I love pinterest. I may have to see what this is all about. Do you know anyone else that has it? I don't need another addiction! I'm maxed out!! HA!

    Thanks for linking up my dear sweet friend! xoxo

  14. That's hilarious!! Here puppy! LOL

  15. That is too cute! Awww a little puppy.

  16. Puppies are popular, my middle one does this with my little one too. I love that they can get through to them when for some reason our voice is never heard. LOL.

  17. Does it work if anyone else sings the song? That is just too cute!

  18. that is pretty adorable ... and they are playing together and getting along - yay!

  19. That is so cute, and a very handy talent!

  20. Alex is just the greatest little mama, isn't she? I can just picture her singing and Ryder following along - how darling!

  21. That's awesome about Alex...that will really come in handy ;)