Monday, May 21, 2012

An Inappropriate Conversation

Tow days! Two days people until my kids are on summer vacation! I have to be honest I have mixed feelings about this. I am trying to be just positive about it and enjoy it and in some ways we already began our break.

If you follow me or Lourie (CA Girl)on Instagram you probably saw a lot of our weekend trip pictures. Our two families went to Indio California for a weekend of fun and lots of swimming. Did you know Lourie is my cousin? Well technically Eric's cousin- but close enough. But those pictures and stories- and oh those are some doozies are yet to come-busy with a end of school surprise we have for the kids.

Today I will tell you about another conversation with Lourie. Lourie has lost a ton of weight using Weight Watchers- and when she was at her weekly weigh in she sent me the following text and you can see my response.

(in case you can't see images it says....)
 Lourie: "Up point 2 but that is okay.  I can take it!"
Me: ".2?? Just fart and you will lose that"

I must admit I was chuckling a bit at my response. Alex from across the room, asked me what I was watching.

Me: "nothing, just texting Lourie."
Alex: "What did you say?  Why is it funny?"
Me: "Oh nothing, it wasn't very appropriate."
Alex:"Did you say poop?"

I looked at Alex shocked. Not by what she said but because of the fact that she was not far off.

Me: "No, but I did say fart." At which point Alex and I laughed for five minutes.

Sometimes a little potty humor is totally needed.

And just for fun- here are some shots I got off the solar eclipse yesterday.  I must admit- I had no clue how to shoot it just stuck my camera up there, without looking and shot.
Look BELOW the sun!

same image as above just cropped

  The weirdest part was the affect it had on our shadows- they were all contorted and curved a bit.
No not an alien- just a curved shadow in during the solar eclipse
Did you see the eclipse?  Do you like potty humor? 


  1. Wow! The shadow is really different! How cool to get to see the eclipse.

  2. Ha!! I probably would have said something similar. ;-)

    I forgot about the solar eclipse. Darn it.

  3. My boys LOVE potty humor. They think it's the funniest thing ever.

    Your instagram pics had me smiling this weekend! xo

  4. I didn't even know there was an eclipse! I really like what it's done to your shadow though! Way cool!

    I don't say fart. I say toot. :o) Say it out loud! It'll make you laugh, I promise!

  5. Potty humor is funny no matter your age, but it's best when done within the family, not in public. ;) Love your photos!

  6. Ah man I missed the eclipse! But I doubt I could have seen it even if I did know about it.. We were all grey skies and rain yesterday :(
    My little family is all about potty humor. Especially the oldest boys!

  7. With four teenage boys, I experience a lot of potty humor.

  8. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's funny.

  9. Potty humor will get a laugh everytime! I missed the eclipse!

  10. I missed the eclipse, but your pictures are cool.

    Potty humor is funny. You just can't help giggling.

  11. That's hilarious, and I'll have to try your theory at my next WW meeting. =)

  12. A weekend trip! Now that sounds good.
    Potty humor = hilarious.
    Eclipse.. somehow I didn't know about it! (maybe it has something to do with that cave I live in)

  13. I'm so mad we forgot about the eclipse! We were totally planning to see it. Arg! Your pictures are cool! And potty humor . . . used to hate it, now I can't help but giggle too. I guess kids did it to me. :)

  14. That's really cool how you caught the eclipse in mini form underneath the sun! We didn't see it here in Iowa unfortunately.
    Ahhh, potty humor. I enjoy potty humor up to a point (your comment was hilarious!)...but right now my 7-year-old is OBSESSED with it and it's driving me crazy. I'm looking forward to the break from school this summer because he won't have the influence of the kids at school, so maybe his butt/poop/fart preoccupation will fade for awhile. I hope so!

  15. pictures are great!!
    I hear enough potty humor in my house I don't even hear it.

  16. So funny!

    Your eclipse pictures are great! We saw it happen, but I didn't get any pictures. I wish I would have though. Those curved shadows are cool!

  17. haha I love that conversation just fart if only it were that easy

  18. I love your response! And I didn't know there was an eclipse. The last one I remember seeing was when I was in grade school! How cool you caught photos of it.

  19. My sister thinks potty humor is the funniest thing ever. I mostly just laugh at her because she takes it to the extreme.

    LOOOOVE your texts, that is HILARIOUS!

  20. My son would LOVE that. And if you could lose weight by farting, Mr. Jenners would have disappeared by now! Just saying!