Friday, June 8, 2012

Instagram Photo A Day

Do you instragram?  I do and I love it!   If you do and don't follow me I am @Emmymom.  If you do instragram you may have seen some of the Photoaday challenges.  I have tried them on and off but May was my first month that I successfully did it all!

Here are my photos from May's challenge created by @Fatmumslim (you can find challenges here)

1- Peace- kids all playing together nicely
2- Skyline
3- Something you wore today
4- fun! The sun burn I am showing not fun- the blogging lunch I got burned at was fun
5- Bird
6- You
7- Someone that inspires you-  my mother and her patience
8- A smell you adore- a clean baby
9- Something you do everyday- kiss my kids
10- A favorite word- "yes" espeically when my kids say it when I ask them to do something
11- Kitchen
12-Something that makes you happy-making birthday cakes for my kids
13- Mum (or Mom)
14- Grass
15- Love - no matter what the day is like when I see my kids sleeping all I feel is love
16- What you're reading
17- snack- see my snack hidden in the back of the fridge? Love them cold!
18- Something you made- painted this a couple of years ago
19- A favorite place - condo from trip with Lourie
20- Something you can't live without- sleep
21- Where you stand-- on my chair--shh don't tell my kids
24- Something new-- groceries I had bought that day
25- Unusual- After a long nap, I got Ryder up but he fell back asleep-he was getting sick
26- 12 o'clock- yea I missed it a bit
27- something sweet
28- the weather today- gotta love California
29- a number- well several in my case
30- your personality- I think the eyes are windows to the soul
31- something beautiful- seeing and hearing my kids talk to Heavenly Father every night

Yea! Was so happy I actually got everyday! If you have a smart phone you should definitely join in- it is so much fun!  Heck you could even just take regular pictures and keep track to post on your blog if you wanted.

Next month Janette of the Johanson Journey and I are going to be posting our photos again like this and are going to add a linky as we would love to see all of your pics!  Do you instagram? 


  1. Amazing pics. I am still trying to navigate my way through instagram. I never felt so dumb til trying out all the cool apps on my phone...

  2. Instagram pictures are so cool and with your mad photography skills, they get even cooler! Love love love the bedside prayers :)

  3. Such great pictures and moments! Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great. I totally want to do one of these challenges.

  5. I already told you on Twitter, but "you go girl!!!!!!!!!" Love seeing pictures of YOU!!

  6. You had a wonderful month! Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. Nice pics Em! And I forgot we had those matching shoes (#3) :)

  8. Beautiful! Thx for sharing!

  9. i love instagram just wish I had other background and editing tools with mine

  10. Replies
    1. I don't instagram, my phone isn't that smart!

  11. I have it, but don't know how to use it. One of my kids is going to have to teach me how.

  12. How fun! I haven't really gotten into it, but I have it as an app. The photo a day sounds pretty fantastic though ... and might join in the next one I find!

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  14. oh how i love pictures:) just haven't gotten on the instagram train yet...

  15. I LOVE Instagram - it's totally changed the way I take photos!

  16. I love Instagram but I can't keep up with those photo challenges.

  17. Great pictures! I love doing the photo challenges, but I always wind up falling behind and getting frustrated haha. Great job with yours though!! Have a fabulous Monday :)

  18. I love all these pics! I'm not on instagram...maybe I should change that!

  19. I am enjoying doing it. And so far, I have not missed any for June!

  20. Cute pictures and cute photo challenge! I think Instagram sounds really cool, but I am averse to joining it because I feel like I'm already at my limit with e-mail, blogging, Facebook, and Pinterest. It took me forever to join Pinterest because of that. I think I'd like Instagram though. If I get an iPhone this summer maybe I'll start doing it. I don't know!

  21. I don't have instagram, but I think I'm gonna download it today!

  22. So behind technically. Have no idea how to instagram! LOL. You pictures are beautiful and fun to look at. Great job.

  23. What wonderful pictures! I love your painting!

  24. Ok first off... remind me (or everyone) before you do the link off :). I'll try to remember to participate since I'm actually doing the challenge this month :) lol

  25. Love it! I think 31 is my beautiful and cute!