Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PhotoaDay Monthly Recap: July

It's time for the monthly #photoaday recap!  @Fatmumslim Photoaday has created a photoaday  challenge which has become very popular on instragram.  Janette of the Johanson Journey and I decided it would be fun to make it a monthly meme so we can see all of your pictures too.

So if you blog, grab your pictures you took for July, make a collage, make a slideshow, or just show your favorite ones; however you would like to do it.  We just ask that you grab the button to add to your post to help spread the word.

Here are my pictures from July

1. Self-Portrait
2.Busy- busy helping Ryder watch home videos- he is obsessed! 
3. Best Part of your Day- when daddy gets home
4. Fun- waiting to watch the fireworks
5. On the Floor - shirts laying out to dry
6. Chair- my favorite
7. Garden- um a garden of sorts- a design on a towel
8. Lunch- eating my lunch in the car on our vacation
9. Big- Ryder was a "big" helper

10. Your favorite color- blue of course
11. Letter- C is for cookie that's good enough for me
12. Texture- cupcakes have a texture I like
13. Open- open my mouth to put these donuts in
14. Building- Lucas building with his cousin on our last day of vacation
15. Finger- holding my little guys finger
16. Sign- a sign too many people ignore
17. Your Addiction- my computer, my blog and my kids
18. Plate- one of those days- this was my plate for dinner

19. animal/insect/pet- cute little animal I saw today
20. Eyes
21. 9'oclock- easy morning playing the iPad
22. Upside down
23. Mirror- checking out  my new glasses first thing in the morning
24. A Stranger- swinging by some strangers at the park
25. Heart
26. Sunshine
27. On The Road- Trolley on the road at the mall
28. Cup- One of my favorite cups
29. Last Thing you bought- school clothes for Alex
30. Calm-doesn't get much more calm than the beach
31. Toothbrush- new toothbrush from kids' dentist appointment today

Did you participate?  Can't wait to see your pictures. 


  1. I always want to do these but then forget to take my pics :(
    I LOVE your pics this month. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really love all your pictures! I had lots of fun participating in photo a day.

  3. You are really much too good at this! How in the world do you remember to take these every day?! I would love to be able to participate, but in the 8 months I've had my iPhone, I've only taken about 50 instagram pics. I always forget about using it on my pics!

    My favorite of yours this month is number 27, the trolly. But the donuts come in a close second!! :o)

  4. I love the picture of the day concept.... but for some reason I just can't seem to keep up! I mean.. geesh... it's one picture a day! How hard can it be!

  5. I love it when you do these...such fun. No, I didn't particpate...my camera is still broken and my phone camera is full and my computer was broken so I couldn't download...need I go on :-)

  6. Very cool, Emmy. I printed off the list for August, so we'll see if I make it for next month :)

  7. Maybe next month I will remember to participate :D
    You did a wonderful job on your pictures, they are so cute! That's awesome that you didn't miss any.
    Love the meme idea!

  8. *sigh* I love your pictures.

  9. I love them! I really like the photo a day thing!

  10. I think my favorite ones of yours are 22, 26 & 29!

  11. I've been missing out on the whole photo a day thing, but this is making me want to catch up so I can recap with you next month. Love your pictures!

  12. So true on #16. I hate when people leave carts all over...especially the super lazy ones that leave them right next to the darn cart corral.

  13. I so would have sworn that I commented on this yesterday... but apparently I"m losing my mind. I blame the cold I have! So.. I love the heart that Alex makes! Super cute!! And it cracks me up, my "cup" was a Sonic cup as well :). Great minds think alike :)

  14. I love that upside down was Lucas upside down. haha. And another favorite...that I seriously do not remember....is Ryder "helping" with the cooler. I am sure I saw it and commented. Dorky me. hahaha.