Thursday, August 2, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: Friends

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"Mama, Mama" a little voice calls pulling me from sleep.  My eyes fight it, resist opening yet.  "Mama!" soon I hear the crib bars shaking- like a prisoner trying to escape.  I swing my legs over the side of the bed and head to Ryder's room.

He greets me with a smile, arms out stretched.
"Good morning." I say picking him up. He wraps his arms around my neck hugging me tight- he is truly my cuddle bug. I feel the warmth of his body, I smooth down his out of control bed hair.  I bring him into my room and lay down in bed laying him next to me.

I hope, but I know it is in vain.  He is soon squirming to the end of the bed, carefully sliding off the end very slowly until his toes finally touch the ground.

"Ryder, don't wake up Alex.  She is still sleeping." I say knowing all to well his destination.  He runs across my room, closing the door behind him.  I can hear his little legs hurrying down to his sister's room.

I hurry after him- but he has already made it.  He stands next to Alex's bed simply looking at her, she is wrapped up her blanket pulled all the way up to her chin just like her mother.

"Shhh come on" I try and whisper trying to get Ryder to come.

Alex rolls over, smiling. "Hi Ryder" she says.
"Mmmmm" Ryder says while giving Alex's head a hug.
"Do you want to play?" she asks.

I stand back just soaking in this moment- this moment where Ryder loves his sister so much and she too loves playing with him.

And then I go back to bed, knowing he is in good hands for now and I can sleep a few more minutes-- until they come asking for breakfast that is.

You know, life is pretty good.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment This Week?
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  1. Super cool! I wouldn't have been so nice at her age... Not a morning person... Lol

  2. That is so sweet!!! You are so lucky that they play so well together! :o)

    BTW - I think you may have linked up the wrong button to this post. You've got 10 Things To Smile About's button instead of the PMM button.

  3. That is so sweet...I teared up just thinking of all that sweetness!

  4. That was the cutest thing ever Em. I love your kids. And this was just fun to read. It's so nice when siblings are friends. Mine are and it sure makes me happy too!

  5. Those moments are the ones we have to remember when they are driving us bat crap crazy. This moment is one of those precious ones. So sweet.

  6. So sweet! My son asked if he can send his baby brother an invitation to his birthday party. It is so cool to see the sibling relationship between your own kids.

  7. Beautiful. Today all four of us were leaving the house and my youngest was holding hands with her father and she reached over to grab her sister's hand as I walked behind them watching them all walk hand in hand. It was such a wonderful moment.

  8. I can so realte to this. My 13 year old and 2 year old are the best of friends. They truly adore one another. It's so precious to see they love they have for one another isn't it?

  9. That is so sweet. This is what I wish for my kids, for them to love each other and love to be with each other.

  10. Such a great moment and the best part is that you get a few more minutes of sleep! See the downside of having a toddler and then older kids (10,12,16) is that that they don't get up until 10am or later! The toddler does not sleep in... ever.

  11. Aww - isn't this jut what you hope for, for your children? That they will love eachother and enjoy eachother? WOW - what a sweet and touching moment!