Thursday, March 14, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: The TV Teaches Him

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I feel like I am on repeat constantly always telling my oldest two- 'watch what you say Ryder listens to everything!'

Lately Lucas has been on a roller coaster kick; designing them in his mind, on paper, with Legos; non-stop roller coasters.  He will often talk for 20 minutes describing the latest roller coaster he has "built".

So it was no surprise when Ryder one day said "then the coaster go up the loop and around" all while moving his arms "and back into the station".

"Do you listen to everything your brother says?" I asked him teasingly.
"And his sister too!" Alex pipped in not wanting to be left out.
"Yes listen Lucas" Ryder said pointing at him "listen Alex" now pointing at her "And listen TV" he said with a smile.

Well at least he has good sources to teach him right?

Another funny Ryder moment I just have to share as I don't want to forget.  Ryder was/is sick-- a sort of odd form of scarlet fever, all of the classic symptoms except instead of the sore throat a really bad ear infection-- so needless to say he is on some strong antibiotics for it, which he hates.

It is the holding him down, holding his hands while he screams kind of hate.  I have been trying to figure out ways to make it easier- bribing with jelly beans right after, talking about how awesome it is... anything I can think of.

Last night it was time for his next round, he saw me getting them out and I tried to get him all excited and ready.

"It's so yummy!" Alex said trying to join in the help.
"No it's not!" Ryder declared.
"What does it taste like?" Alex asked.
"Mmmm like garbage!"

Seriously he is two-years-old, how does he come up with this stuff?!?
What Ryder does if you ask him to smile for the camera
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  1. Hope Ryder feels better soon.

    Hahaha too cute he says it tastes like garbage.

  2. What a cutie! I hope he feels better soon.

  3. It's an impossible battle, that darn TV!

  4. Can't wait to see the little man. Seems like I'm going to have my funny bone tickled!

  5. Hoping the healthy bug visits your house soon, you have had more than your fair share of sickness lately. Love that he said it was tasting like garbage, probably pretty accurate.

  6. Awww poor guy hope he gets better soon...but yes these kids say the funniest things!

  7. Poor guy! I know about long lasting ear infections, but lucky for me Cooper hasn't had too much trouble taking his meds. Little gags but never has even cried. So sorry it's such a battle. Hope he's almost done!

    I love the tv story...too funny.

  8. Wow that's an impressive camera face! :)

  9. I'm just happy I can get my five year old to sit with me for three hours every four weeks while I get a blood transfusion. Thank goodness for iPods and candy!

  10. Oh man! That must be some terrible medicine! Poor kid!

    I love that picture of him! He looks so grown up in the jeans and plaid shirt.

  11. Love his "smile" haaaa!

    Mmmmm tastes like garbage... LOL

  12. I hope he feels better. It sounds like it tastes terrible.

  13. Aw, poor kid! That's quite a picture!

  14. Oh man, that's a bummer. I hope he feels better soon!

  15. I adore 2 year olds. They are so much fun! I hope all the garbage medicine is gone by now.

  16. Oh poor kiddo - sometimes medicine is no fun!

    He is still adorable though!!! Praying for quick healing for that kiddo!

  17. hahaha I love little kids and their idea of what "smile" means. Too cute! And of course the tv is a good source of learning... you can learn everything... lol. Ryder is soo cute. I hope he's getting better, poor sweetie!

  18. He's too cute! I hope he feels better! My son had scarlet fever. I didn't even know it until the rash showed up, because he never acted sick, but the doctor confirmed that's what it was. Turns out a bunch of kids from a wedding we went to had it!

  19. Scarlet fever?! That is scary stuff. But how funny that he is so very attentive to everything around him. Makes you really want to filter TV, though, hu? Little kids pay attention to everything.