Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heartfelt Acts: Surprise Cards

Another month has come and gone.  Have you joined Janette of the Johanson Journey and me for Heartfelt Acts yet?  You can read more about Heartfelt Acts by clicking here.

This month the goals were:

1.  Forgive Someone.
2.  Send a care package (ex.  military, friend or family member in college, for any friend just because).

The first one is one I have definitely had to do in the past, but well isn't something I would publicly share; but the second I can definitely share.

I have to be honest, I did not actually send care packages but am just starting to send cards to various people in my life.

I was lucky enough at the beginning of this month to receive an opportunity from Hallmark to receive several free cards and postage with the intent of sending 7 cards to 7 people in 7 days- for some of the very same reasons we started Heartfelt Acts so I knew this would be perfect.
A couple of the cards I got from Hallmark
I sent (yes it is still coming if you are reading this) a congratulations card to my little sister who just got accepted into grad school.  I don't think I have ever sent my little sister a card.  It isn't that we don't get along, growing up we were best friends but then I went off to college (I am 4 years older) and we just sort of went on our separate ways.

It felt good to send this to her, to do something a little extra a little more.  It made me think I really should call and visit with her at least once a month- so okay Ross (my BIL who often does read my blog) if you are reading this hold me to it!

I am excited to send off the rest of the cards over the next several days as I know I love getting mail so I  am hoping those who receive them love it too.

Obviously, I was a bit of a slacker with this month and am still finishing it up, so you can still join in April's goals too!

You could even send cards just like me.  If you blog you can go apply at the Get Carded Hallmark Challenge.   They will send you the cards, envelopes and even the stamps so you can send a personalized card to someone in your life that may need it.  ((Also you can use code BLOG30 to get 30% off any cards at

I am looking forward to May's challenges as I want to work on getting my kids more involved again next month as it really was a lot more powerful for me when they were helping serve too.  Here are May's Goals; remember you can do one ore both and even modify it a bit.

1.  Host a cookie exchange.  Examples of how to do this can be found HERE & HERE.
2.  Write a letter to a family member telling them why you love them. (Great for Mother’s Day!)

If you participated in April's challenge, or when you do, then you can add your link below.

Disclaimer: I received the cards from Hallmark as part of Get Carded challenge in exchange for blogging about their event; all thoughts and opinions are my own and truthful.


  1. Who doesn't love opening the mailbox to something other than a bill? Fun!

  2. #1 Hallmark is my favorite place ever and I always joke that if I lost my job, I'd go work there because Hallmark's purpose is to make people happy- not sure I know anyone who has not received a smile because of them.
    #2 The Heartfelt card and unexpected note in the mail is becoming a thing of the past and I'm proud of you for taking the challenge to send out some snail mail. I LOVE getting mail and I am sure your sister will feel so loved.

  3. I love sending cards for reasons and for NO reason!

  4. I love getting mail! I am part of the Get Carded Challenge too and loved sending the cards out to people and then hearing back from them about how surprised they were.

  5. I'm such a big fan of random acts of kindness! Sending cards is a great way to do one! Great post!

  6. I did that challenge with Hallmark before and it was fun! I forgot how delightful it is to send a handwritten card.

  7. Awe, you guys are so inspiring! I need to start this, I just haven't yet.

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  9. I love sending cards to people for no reason. You know it puts a smile on their face. :o) Once we are in London, any letters we mail from there will be stamped with the Royal Mail insignia, so that'll make it even more exciting!

  10. I love that you do this. It is such a great example to your kids. And who doesn't love to suddenly get an unexpected card in the mail?! You are amazing, Emily!