Thursday, May 2, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments

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I have a confession to make; my kids do not know how to tie their shoes.  Nope, not even my 8 year old.  There are a lot more options with shoes now days; for a while even his nice dress Sunday shoes did not have laces, though his current pair does.

Their only shoes that seem to have laces are their soccer shoes and the laces are so darn short on those things I have a hard time tying them.

So when I saw that Alex's homework for the week was to learn her address, telephone number and how to tie their shoes and that they would be tested on Friday, I panicked a bit.

I also immediately texted my husband.  "You have to help Alex learn how to tie her shoes this week!"

As you see, well I don't tie shoes correctly.  When I was a child one of my best friends taught me how to tie my shoes with the bunny ear method.  My mom was probably just happy someone else taught me and I could do it, so that was the end of it.  The trouble was along the way no one taught me the correct way.  In fact I did not even realize there was another "correct" way until I was in high school.  No joke.

I have since learned the other way, but I have to think about it and often try again and usually just revert to my bunny ears.

So last night Eric got to work, teaching Alex the correct way to tie her shoes;  Lucas also joined in as well he is 8.

"Make a tee-pee like this" Eric began instructing.  It made me grateful that I got to stand back and watch; much like I will probably want to do when they learn to drive; not because I can't drive, in fact I would say I am a good driver, I just don't know quite how I would handle it.

So how did it go?

Well I am happy to say that two of my kids now know how to tie shoes the correct way, even if yes their mama can't.
Eric took this for me as I had a meeting to go to and missed the end result
What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. I don't have shoes with laces on today but I am totally going over it in my head to see if I do it the right way!

  2. What do you mean....the right way? What's wrong with the bunny ears? Are you telling me that I"ve been tying my shoes wrong for 42 and a half years???

    1. Do you seriously do bunny ears too? That would mean I am not alone ;)

  3. My 9 year old JUST learned, right before he turned 9! And he uses the bunny-ear method. It's just easiest for now... ;)

    Congrats to your two! Now you don't have to help them get ready to go at all, right? ha!

  4. I didn't know there was a "correct" way to tie your shoes. And when I saw it was Proud mommy moments, I thought you'd lost your mind and posted on Wednesday. In fact I think I've lost my mind :) Happy Thursday!

  5. I've always used the bunny ears method--I had no idea it was the wrong way! Wow. My 8-year-old still doesn't know how to tie shoes. We're all about the velcro and slip-ons because they're so much easier. I guess I should probably teach him how to tie soon though, right!?

  6. Too funny!! But that's great that they can both do it now!

    When researching ways to teach Jack (we taught him 3 times...the 3rd time finally stuck!), I learned that I was also doing it wrong. I wasn't doing the bunny ear method, but I was wrapping the loose lace the wrong way around, making it a loose knot. Who knew??

  7. Well, I'm feeling a little better after reading this and all the comments that my 7 and 5 year olds don't know how to tie their shoes either. :) I suppose they are old enough to learn though, we should give it a try!

  8. I was puting a bow on a craft yesterday, and I remembered this post. Even though I do the "right" way for shoe laces, the bunny ear method is actually the correct use for crafts because it *looks like a bow* with the loops up top and the ends below. I'm sure most girls do opt for the bunny ear method because it is more pleasing to the eye. So if you think of it that way, you're doing it right ;)

  9. Awww yay! Way to go kiddos :)

  10. Awesome! I need to teach Keith, but keep putting it off. Can Eric just teach him when you come out for your family reunion? :)

  11. Whew 8+! No way! I would be pulling my hair out if I had to tie 6 pairs of shoes everyday...they learned at 4 and 5. And what do you mean the right way? :D