Friday, August 30, 2013

Canvas Prints for Your Home

I love pictures, I love decorating my home with big prints of my kids and family.  When I was asked to do a product review for Easy Canvas Prints I quickly agreed.
IMG_7245 copy

I am a huge fan on canvas prints but when I ordered my first for my home a few years ago, I really didn't know much about them.  Here are my tips for buying canvas prints.

Pros of Canvas Prints:
  - Don't need to be framed
  - If your pictures isn't tact sharp, it does not matter as canvas naturally gives it a softer look
  - Wow impact pieces that will be noticed

Border Options:
  Since canvas prints do not have to be framed you will need to decide what type of border you like.  At Easy Canvas Prints there are a few options.

 .75" standard  wrap; thick, 1.5" gallery wrap; or even framed

If you are getting one big canvas that is going to stand alone, I definitely recommend the gallery wrap,  I have a couple of 16X20 canvases that are the solitary picture in that spot and the way it makes it pop from the wall is great.   For a group of pictures, I would go with the standard .75" thickness.

There are 3 edge options:
  1) Mirror Image
  2) Image Wrap
  3) Border Color

I personally love the border color the best, the mirror image can look a little funny if it is a person in the picture as it will mirror part of their arm or whatever is by the edge backwards.  If your image is already  cropped tightly, then you will lose some of the picture with the image wrap, so border color is my choice.

For my recent order, I knew I was going to be hanging 4 canvases as a collection, rather than try and pick a color from one picture, I picked a slate gray that would look good with all the pictures.

What Size Pictures:
  What size really depends on the space you have and how many pictures you want to hang.  For me, bigger is better.  An 8X10 may seem big, but go hold a standard piece of notebook paper up on the wall, that is about an 8X10- it is not big.   Now if you have a collection of 8X10's, that could be a beautiful wall display.

At Easy Canvas Prints, they have a great Wall Display option that shows almost 30 different arrangements for different places in your home.  I love that they take the guess work out of it, as I'll admit it, even though I am a photographer I sometimes get stumped with wall displays.

Ordering your Pictures:
  Once you decide what size print(s) you want, I recommend cropping the pictures to that size in a photo editing program.   Did you know that cameras do not shoot in 8X10's?  If you go to print an image as an 8X10 you will see that you lose quite a bit of the picture.  That is why I recommend you cropping it to that size before uploading so you can pick exactly what you lose.

I did notice that on Easy Canvas Prints that you can reposition and even resize your images after you upload, but to get it just as you want I still recommend resizing first.   They also have a great preview screen where you can see exactly how your image will look border and all.  This definitely  helped reassure me as to how it would look before I hit order.

For my prints, I ordered 4 12X12 canvases to update the pictures around my antique window. (Yes, I have put up my fall decor in my window- trying to encourage the cooler weather to come!)
I was so excited when my prints arrived, about 5 days ahead of schedule, and immediately hung them up.  I love that the canvases from Easy Canvas Prints came with mounting hooks already on them, this is not the case with all printing places; oh and the prices are hard to beat!

The pictures looked great, though the color had a very slight yellow/orange hue, which differed from my monitor, but it is something only I would notice as I was the one who took and edited the pictures and am a professional photographer so pretty dang picky.

Oh and you know how I said I like big prints?  Here are the prints I have hanging in my family room, those are all 20X30 prints!

How do you display pictures in your home?

Disclaimer: Easy Canvas Prints provided me with the canvases to review. All feelings and opinions are my own and truthful.


  1. I think I like the big ones best! You did a great job with all of them!

  2. Oh my these are gorgeous!

  3. Your canvases sure look great! I love canvas as well - makes the pictures look so good! But I now have the problem of what to do with outdated huge canvases...our family picture was 24x30 and now that we've replaced it, my huge old one is taking up a lot of space...but still think it's worth it!

  4. Looks good. The pics and the canvases!

  5. Thank you! I do love big pictures :)

  6. Yes, I am running into the same problem. Alex asked if she could have the old one of her in her bedroom. For now I think I am going to hang them in our upstairs hallway, but eventually that will even be full.

  7. They're amazing - nice and clear! I'll have to check them out, as I've been wanting to get a couple of canvases as well!

  8. I love love love Easy Canvas Prints! I received a print of one of our wedding pictures for our dining room and it makes me smile every time I walk past it. I've got a small photo gallery going in there, with a sort of family timeline. Wedding photo, maternity photo, and hope to get Piglet's 6 month family photo on canvas. It's hard when the kids are constantly growing isn't it? I love how the pictures turned out! I am a huge fan of the big canvases too. Eventually I need to get to ordering some scenery prints for our very blank walls!

  9. I have three canvas prints that belonged to my Brother in Law. He took the pictures in Hawaii and they are awesome!

  10. I actually need to get better about displaying photos in my house :(. I love canvas photos though... but sometimes they're so darn expensive.

  11. Last Friday my family visited a big sale of items imported from Italy, on a sofa there was a big suite case and inside was a huge pack of canvas paints. I didn't ask the price and nobody were interested in it. Maybe because they were inside the suitecase and nobody has noticed it. If I saw this post before I went there, I could have bought one or two. So pitty!

  12. Thanks for sending some to us...that was a fun surprise. Got them framed and Glenn is taking one to his office. LOVE them!

  13. I really want to do this with some of E's pics!

  14. You should! I never regret getting pictures printed and hung

  15. Yea! Glad Glenn got to take one to work.

  16. Yea, they definitely can be, this site really has some great prices. Especially if you are wanting an odd size that you can't get a cheap frame for, it often is cheaper just to get a canvas than a print and frame.

  17. That must be such a nice treasure to have

  18. Yes! That is why I am trying to always take pictures as they do grow and change so much, though I must admit it took me about 4 months to actually take my kids formal shoot from the time I said I was going to, I should have literally just booked them an appointment with myself :)

  19. Yes, I was very happy with the quality for the price

  20. Easy Canvas Prints gave you all of those canvases? That's awesome. I have one of their canvases in my office, and another at home. I also have two in my office from another printer as well.

    I would hang canvas prints everywhere if I could. Oh, and I like the mirror image wrap, but it definitely depends on the picture.

  21. love the old window! I was given several of those from a friend and am planning to do something like you did with one of them. I also made curtain rods out of some of the old wood - hung them over my daughter's French doors. (wrote a post/tutorial about it.) Your kids are too cute. Love your girl's red hair. :-)

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