Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween Blast From the Past

Happy Halloween!  I am so glad this day has finally arrived so I can hopefully unload all the candy I bought so I will stop eating it!

I thought it would be fun to share pictures from past Halloweens- so enjoy!

From oldest to youngest: A Ghost, a Ninja, and a Cowboy

This was by far my favorite year as my kids costumes totally coordinated!  I even made a cute video where they acted out the dragon capturing the princess. (Just over a minute long!)

A tain conductor, a super girl in disguise, and superman.

Oh my goodness, time goes fast, look at my cute little Ryder! 

Fireman, A cowgirl and a pumpkin

This wasn't Alex's costume, but this has to be one of my all time favorite pictures!  Every girl needs a superhero! 

Here is what Alex was that year

Ryder- well he wasn't born yet

What a fun trip down memory lane!  I began my blog in 2008 but after Halloween.  If you click on these last years, it will take you to the original posts.

Now pre-blogging Halloweens
After I stared uploading pictures, I realized I did not have pictures from this year.. will have to find those sometime, I think they are a in a box of printed pictures waiting to be put in an album.

He also had a pumpkin hat, just wasn't wearing in this picture
Alex was a black cat- at 11 months old she was already walking all over the place

Same costume Ryder is wearing in 2011, it was when seeing this pictures and others around this age that I realize that Ryder does actually look like his brother (this was a month before Alex was born)

Lucas was a leopard, this was actually his second Halloween but his first he was only a few weeks old as I was receiving from a c-section, so this is the first time we dressed him up.

What are you or your kids dressing up as this year? 


  1. So fun to see through the years! I'll have to look up ours too. Kinda fun to see! Your kids are cute every single year!! xoxo Happy Halloween!

  2. These pictures are so fun! I love looking back like that on past holidays. It's a fun way to mark kids' growth. My favorite is last year's, that was awesome!

  3. I love looking at your kids over the years! :)

  4. Oh my gosh what cute costumes! I love how Alex went from a princess to a ninja :D

  5. I love the kids costumes this year! {Plus, I think it's really cool that Alex was a princess last year, but a ninja this year!} I hope ya'll had fun last night.

    I really liked seeing the progression of your photography in these photos! Kind of neat to see how we improve through the years, isn't it?

    1. Yes, that really is her to a T- so girly yet will not hesitate to tackle her brothers and acts like a linebacker. Yes, my photography has definitely evolved :)

  6. So great to see these all together...very fun! Thanks for putting it together.

    1. It was fun to go back and find these- plus it made me realize that Ryder and Lucas actually do look alike, I have always thought he looks more like Alex (other than the hair)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks! I just have to find what happened to 2008, I know I have to have pictures somewhere.

  8. You have the most adorable kids!