Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Birthday Boy

The laugh... the twinkle in your eye... the way you pace back and forth when you tell me about the latest thing you are "inventing"... the way your mind moves at such a rapid pace that I can't keep up.
From a photo shoot from last year-- need to take his picture for this year still
These are a few of the many things that stand out to me, that make you so uniquely you.  

Your heart is good, so good and kind.  Yes, you cause your share of trouble, but really more good and hope comes from you than anything else.

When you get one-on-one with an adult, you always tend to floor them with your knowledge and charm.  It is such sincere true charm, one you are completely unaware of.  A charm you don't put on to try and manipulate and get your way; one that just naturally eludes from you and makes everyone fall in love with you.  

Your peers don't always quite get you; your endless knowledge and fascination of all things mechanical is sometimes  not relatable to boys that like to play super heroes and Star Wars; but you have found a common ground in Minecraft.  So as much as the game and your continual talk of it drives me crazy, I am grateful for it, as it has lead to some great friendships for you. 

I have no doubt you will do great and amazing things, spreading good and light along the way.  Your name Lucas means bringer of light, and there is no doubt that you do just that.

Don't let the world and it's pessimism ever drag you down.  Always be who you are, who you truly are. 

To my son, who made me a mother. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. 


  1. A big happy birthday to Lucas!! What an awesome boy.. with an amazing momma!

  2. Happy birthday to Lucas! What a sweet letter :)

  3. Wishing I could have been with you guys on the birthday! Can't believe he's 10 !!!!!