Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reflections of Ourselves

I work alongside Lucas sifting through all of the stuff that has come to occupy his room.  Lots of Lego, papers and cute notes from his sister, endless amounts of notebooks with just the first few pages written in.

He must be like me.  A blank notebook has forever been my downfall, those clean white pages calling for me to write in them, fill them.  I would begin and rarely finish stories, I would write lists of who was my best friend, second best friends, on down.  I would just have to write.

My handwriting was horrible, my spelling, even worse, yet I would write.

As I found Lucas' little stories, his Minecraft instruction books, his need to just fill a blank notebook, I couldn't reprehend, I could just smile... and stack them all neatly in a pile on his bookcase instead of in the mass that filled his desk.

His room is now clean, just in time for his birthday where his father and I  promised him he would not receive any presents if his room was such a mess.

Our children are often little reflections of us, both the good and the bad.  It is how we react, how we teach, and guide and love that will help lead them to who we want them to become.  And sometimes when we see a behavior that we just cannot understand, we may just need to pause and look in the mirror to see what we are reflecting back to them.