Thursday, April 28, 2016

Finding Joy in Motherhood

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  I had a lot of dreams of being a writer or maybe a journalist, eventually switching to psychology, but ultimately I wanted to be a mom.

Along the way this dream of mine did come true, and with it a whole lot of surprises at how hard and crazy it could be!  Even some days that made me question why I always wanted to do this.
I believe there is a time in every mom's life that we just want to give up, but we can't.

How do we find hope, find that peace and joy that we once envisioned on those really hard days?

We need to find our thing, whether it be a quote, a scripture, a tribe or group of moms to talk with- something that can help us refocus and catch the vision of why we wanted to be moms.

I am not saying that a group or a quote will make it suddenly easy, but we need something.

 I am lucky enough to be part of a group of women who help run Power of Moms.  This last weekend we gathered in a beautiful home in Park City for a board meeting.  A meeting where not only did we discuss the little details of things to make the site run its best, but we talked about our vision, why we were doing this and what we wanted.
Board Meeting

This group of women, they don't do it for the money or the fame or prestige, they do it because they too are mothers and remember and understand what it is like to be up all night with a crying baby, or broken hearted from a teenager who just doesn't seem to listen.  They want to empower, give tools and just be there to help you be able to really enjoy your role as a mother.
Power of Moms Board
Power of Moms Board- not all were able to make it
It was an amazing weekend.  We did have fun too, a hike in the mountains- which just about killed this sea-level SoCal girl, talking and laughing in the hot tub, reverse charades; but what amazed me most was the random conversations and questions about motherhood that would come up.  Even things like many of us admitting that we don't always like playing with our kids; this from a group of women are truly invested in motherhood.
Playing Games
Playing revers charades- and not my baby- that baby got so much love that weekend from all the moms
So yes, it is okay-- it is okay if some days it just feels really hard, if some days it just doesn't seem fun--what matters is that we try and we keep going, we find a little thing to improve upon each day to make ourselves even better.

Motherhood is meant to be a wonderful thing.


  1. What a wonderful time and time well spent! Glad you were able to attend - Motherhood is never-ending even when you're kids are grown and gone, they still need their mom. I'm thankful for the gift of motherhood and for the opportunity our Father in Heaven gave me to be a mother.

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic time in a fantastic location! I love the photos of you and your children - so fun!

  3. I have found that having other moms for support has helped immensely. Nothing like getting great feedback on other women who have been there.

  4. That sounds really neat- the hike and the weekend :)

  5. Every mom has hard days where you feel like a failure at this mom thing. It's important to have good friends who understand and to be able to be open with them.