Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Birthday for Me

Usually the last Tuesday of the Month I share Ten Things to Smile about, but there is 6 days left in the month, including Halloween, which will definitely make my list to smile about, so I will share 10 Things to Smile About next Tuesday.

Instead today, well it's a birthday post, as it might just be my birthday.

Okay, no might about it, it is.

I am now officially closer to 40 than 30.  That is so crazy to think.  I like being in my 30's.  I remember when I first turned 30 I was glad as then when people commented about my young face and that I did not look old enough to have kids, I could tell them with much authority that I was 30.

Sure I miss my body of my early 20's, but I really am comfortable and at a good place in life.

I am on the cusps of having a teenage son and a whole new set of adventures, which yes some days make me shake in fear, but really life is good.

I am achieving many of my goals, with my photography business, with a book I am writing that one day I will actually finish, and happy, good kids that so far are successful in life.

I remember when 30 used to sound old, now it just seems normal and I definitely don't feel old.  Yes, I like taking naps and at times I am happy to just sit but I don't feel any older.

I am truly content and happy with life.  That is not to say life is perfect, it definitely is not, but I guess with my "old" age I have developed a maturity and peace with life.   My content with life was pretty evident, much to my husband's dismay, when I was horrible about providing a wish list for my birthday.

So if this is life in the 30's, then I will take it.
Headshot 2016


  1. I love the positive outlook... I feel like I am where most people were at 20 :(. haha. Anyway that's a great picture of you!

    1. Thank you! And hey we all take our own paths and do what is right for us. You are more amazing than I think you realize