Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kids Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Halloween is next week!  My youngest son's costume is supposed to arrive in the mail today and my oldest, isn't dressing up this year.  I am feeling a little nostalgic because of that, so today am sharing kids Halloween costumes over the years.

We will start way back when my youngest first dressed up

This is technically Lucas' second Halloween, but his first one he was only a couple of weeks old, so we didn't do anything.

This was his last Halloween as an only child, as his sister was born less than a month later

Alex was almost a year old but already walking- she loved her kitty cat costume

A Bumble Bee and a Fairy 

When your big brother is your SuperMan! Will be one of my favorite pictures forever
Alex dressed up as an fancy witch this year-- look at the attitude!  
(Just don't look at the groceries I hadn't put away when I took this picture-yikes!)

The first Halloween with all three kids! 

The same Superman costume Lucas wore in 2006! 


The one (and probably only) year all three kids costumes coordinated.  We even made a fun little movie to go with it.

From princess to ninja- guess the princes learned how to fight for herself

Alex didn't even need a wig to be Anna this year

This year I did a themed Pirate photo shoot with Ryder - click here to see that post

Kids Halloween Costumes

This year Alex got the themed ghost photo shoot
Ghost Photo Shoot-6

It has been fun taking this little trip down memory lane.  One thing is apparent, my photography skills have gotten a lot better over the years.   Also it was funny to me how some costume ideas got repeated, like Lucas as Superman.  

Before I know it all of my kids will be saying they aren't dressing up anymore.. so for now I am just going to enjoy it.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume, for yourself or your kids?


  1. I love this post!! What a fun trip down memory lane. It's amazing how much they've grown. Can't wait to see your post from this year's Halloween. Piglet is already too old to let me pick his costumes. My favorite was when he was a cuddly penguin. I'm afraid it's super heros from here on out!

    1. Awe that is crazy to think he is old enough to know what he wants so much. They really do grow up so fast.. especially Ryder in these, it's freaking me out!