Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Not too Old

As Proud Mommy Moments (PMM) are still pretty new, I will quickly explain it, you can read more details here. PMM is your chance to share those times that made your heart burst with pride or about those times that made you "proud" in the sense that you want to hide your head in shame. It is a time that it is totally acceptable to brag about your kids as we are asking you to or record those times that you really don't want to remember but yet they are too funny not to share. You can see a happy example here and a "proud" example here. Easy and fun!!

Then write your post, grab the button, add a link to either Kmama and/or I and then link up here. You can add your link at either blog-it will show up on both.

And here is my Proud Mommy Moment:

I know the day will come. What day? The day where I hear "mom don't kiss me, my friends will see!" or something similar which will let me know that I have now become an embarrassment. I remember feeling similar things about my parents at different stages in my life. So I know it will happen and all too soon. So for now when my kids are 6, 4 and almost 1 (on Saturday-ekk!), I am just trying to enjoy my cool awesome mom status.

So when Lucas made this at school (and this was well before Mother's day)....
(In case you can't read it: "I love you Mom because you are the best mom")

I couldn't help but beam with pride as all too soon these love notes will stop being for me and will start being for some other girl in his life.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment?


  1. Ahhh, so cute. I know it sure will be weird when they act like that. I know we'll still feel young and "cool". haha. They are seriously growing up so fast!

  2. Don't worry. My 16 year old still hugs me and kisses me in front of his friends. My proud mommy moment is that Jenna wrote a book of poetry for me for mother's day and her teacher said it made her cry.

  3. What a cool gift.

    And I am going to hug my kids when I drop them off at high school, cause I am cool like that.

  4. My oldest quit kissing me in the middle of first grade. But he kept saying "Love you." Now, he doesn't even do that. Just reminds me of the time to pick him up. UGH.

  5. I love those little notes of affection. Especially when they are given without prompt--(Mother's Day)

  6. When they started walking 5 steps in front of me instead of alongside me, I wanted to cry. But now they walk next to me again. :)

  7. I love that its diamond shaped...