Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: School

It's Thursday! Time for Proud Mommy Moments! This is your chance to write about those things your kids do that make you truly proud or "proud" in the sense that you want to hang your head in shame. You can read more about it here.

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This week my PMM comes thanks to Lucas. When the school year began I worried about how Lucas was going to do-especially after we pulled him out of school to wait a year after only a week a year and a half ago. So when the school year began and Lucas received a Learner of the Pack award at the first kindergarten awards assembly I couldn't have been happier.

Last Friday was the final kindergarten awards assembly-and we got to go again.

This time Lucas received an award for learning all of his rainbow words (sight words). 100 of them! They only have to know the blue and purple words to pass kindergarten, so this is an awesome accomplishment.
Lucas with some of his classmates-he is the tallest kid in his class

I am so proud of how well he has done this year and just hope that he continues to do well in school next year.

What is your PMM this week?

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    Ahem, sometimes, it does not pay to make fun of your own mother...especially when you become her.

  2. Aww - that's awesome! What a great accomplishment!

  3. Yay for Lucas!! That is so great!!

  4. Wow. That's such a great accomplishment! Yay for both of you!!

  5. Way to go! Relieves your mind to know they are doing well.

  6. Good for him!!
    And you.

    I am racking my brain to think of a moment, but it has been a rough week.

  7. Love the disguises! hehehe. Way to go Lucas!! He's rockin it!

  8. That's awesome! You'll have a reader on your hands!

  9. Good for him! It sounds like it was the right decision to keep him out and try again this year. And I love how you disguised the other kids faces!

  10. Proud Grandpa moment too! Way to go Lucas!

  11. Definitely a proud mama moment!!! Yay!!

  12. Lucas looks absolutely cute! LOVED the pic of the kids in glasses. Wow...that tickled my funny bone.