Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Status Quote- It's Back!

Yep- you read that title correctly-if you read the title did you? Go ahead read it now.
Yes, the Status Quote is back! It kind of took a hiatus for the summer, but now that my summer is over- school started yesterday- it is back in full force.

If you don't know what the Status Quote it- it is a monthly meme created by CA Girl that I cohost with her. It is always on the second Tuesday of every month. It is your chance to copy those funny/weird/bizzare FB or Twitter status that you see for an easy fun post. You don't have to tell who said it-so no incriminating the guilty- if you don't want.

So copy those status and play along. My commentary is in blue.

"The people that actually shower before entering a public pool are generally not the ones that need to do so.
" --lol oh this is so so true.. and kind of makes me second guess going to a public pool

"I've been having a strong urge for donuts lately...I must be deficient in some really important vitamins and minerals.." oh if only donuts really were good for us- that would be heaven

"I'm officially ready for summer to end so I can stop getting annoyed with my own kids and go back to school and get annoyed with someone else's kids.
"- so that is how teacher's feel

"My recliner and I go waaaaaay back!
"- gotta love my BIL and all of his status updates

"Just used my friend's laptop, and she finally had to tell me, 'no, it's not a touch screen'. Yeah, i'm that cool...basically i'm the kid pushing the door that says 'pull'.
"- I could see myself doing that as I am so used to my iPad

"I watched Jaws backwards. It's about a huge shark that throws up so many people, they need to open a beach.
"- LOL! I tried to watch Shark Week-but we had just seen Soul Surfer (so so good by the way) so didn't really like it much

"The bruise on my leg from my go- karting accident is almost all healed- so I dropped a full bottle of apple juice on my foot to take it's place.
"-- sadly this was me- you can read about the go-karting accident here

"Trying to get past the crankies. Chocolate is the cure right?
"- heck ya!

See- how easy and fun is that. So copy those status, grab the button (just copy and paste the code under the button above) and play along.


  1. This is super cool, but unfortunately I don't have any cool statuses to do this with today. I'll have to keep track so I can do it next month! :)

  2. You know I always love the Status Quote. I ALMOST managed to join in this month, too, but the vacation ruined it. At least I'll have extras for next month!

  3. Kristin started watching shark week. Yeah that got turned off pretty quick as it was scaring and scarring Ryan for life! Eeeek!

    Chocolate does fix the crankies. ;)

  4. I love this carnival! I don't think I'll be linking up today since it is my son's birthday and I don't think I'm even able to get up a birthday post about him on time. But I am definitely in next month! I read that correct? Once a month?

  5. The comment with the pool thing just has to be true, but it is scary!

  6. Oh Status Quote! How I miss thee!

  7. Ooh, brownies are an excellent cure for the crankies, at least for me!!

    I also dropped something on my foot recently. it hurt so bad!

  8. LOL @ the teacher one- so true!

    I don't try to use a computer as a touchscreen... but I do try to use dh's blackberry as one. And then he laughs at me. I laugh back and remind him that his phone sucks.

  9. Oooh these were fun to read. except I kind of shuddered at the first one!!!

  10. Oh my goodness! This is so funny! Sometimes I really wonder what some people are thinking when they post stuff of FB.

  11. Oh heck yah chocolate is the cure!

    All of my iPhone friends try to use my blackberry as a touch screen - it's hilarious to watch!

  12. Chocolate is my cure for EVERYTHING!

  13. Utterly hilarious! I think your BIL needs to moonlight as a paid FB status writer :)

  14. If only putting status on FB is a job, I would be rich!

  15. I recognize many of those! And yes, I think I took care of whatever deficiency I had with donuts. I'm good for a while...I hope haha

  16. Ouch...I mean about the apple juice bottle.

  17. Love these! Is this normally on Tuesday? I'm going to have to participate in this meme...good stuff.