Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday 5: Bacon and Christmas

Friday 5! (#Friday5)  Join me with an easy way to end the week by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  A great way to share those little things that don't need a whole post of their own.

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5 Thoughts

1. This weekend my church put on a Living Nativity pageant. This is the 5th year they have done it and by far the best attendance.  I go every night and take pictures at it, for my church calling or service as the Public Affairs Social Media Specialist.  Even though I end up seeing it many many times, I still get the chills every time I watch it and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

2. I am getting ready to update my photography website and realized there are a ton of sessions from this year that I never blogged about!  I really plan to get more on top of the whole business side of things this next year.

3. Alex's class had a pancake breakfast for their last day before Christmas break.  I signed up to bring bacon, two pounds of it. I thought it was an easy assignment, until I realized they didn't want me just dropping off the bacon- but wanted cooked and ready to eat bacon.  Thursday morning before school my stove.. well just see the picture below.

4. This week as we were driving to school and observed the snow on the mountains (yes real snow); Alex commented saying how it never snowed here in the Valley just in the mountains.  Ryder replied, "it is going to snow on Christmas, there is snow on Christmas."   That boy has never had a white Christmas in his life, not sure why he thinks we will get snow on Christmas; it is forecasted to rain though.

5. Ryder had his preschool Christmas performance.  They said a couple of poems and played a few songs on bells, it was cute.  Eric and I both noted how dramatically Ryder was doing the hand motions during the song, we both commented that he was channeling his inner Alex.

5 Pictures
All of the bacon I had to cook- only got burned from the grease twice
Eric taught Ryder how to arm wrestle 
At the end of the Nativity when the cast and audience are singing together 
One of the pictures from the photo shoot I did this weekend
Ryder's preschool Christmas show
What is your 5 this week?   Don't forget today is the last day to link up with week 2 of the Review Extravaganza!


  1. I cannot imagine cooking all that bacon. I feel overwhelmed by eight slices for just us!

  2. Dramatic Ryder! Wish I could have seen him...I love his inner Alex...LOL. So cute!

    1. Yes, it doesn't come out too often but it definitely does at times

  3. That is a lot of bacon!! I normally sign up for something easy, like store-bought powdered donuts. :)

    1. Trust me, I will be signing up for the easy thing next time!

  4. The.socks.
    His mother is going to have a cow!

    1. Yes, neither of us realized it at first. I ended up editing them out before they got prints of the pictures

  5. I loved the title of your post so much....but that is SO MUCH bacon!! I'm impressed by your mad bacon skillz. ;)

  6. Watch out for that bacon grease pop! :) I bake only in the oven now :)

  7. Yikes, that is quite a bit of bacon!

  8. That's a lot of bacon. And I misread you saying the cast and the audience singing and I read it as signing... like signing autographs. LOL :)

    1. Funny how swapping two letters changes things quite a bit :)