Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Review Extravaganza Week 3

We are halfway done with the Review Extravaganza! (#2014RE)

 It has been so fun reading everyone's recaps and getting to know a lot of new bloggers.  I will be honest, I am yet to make the rounds for last week yet, but I am going to!  I had a photo shoot this weekend which I also finished this weekend (Christmas present) so that has taken all of my time.

You still can join in if you haven't yet.  This week we are recapping, July, August and September.  Make sure to head over to this post and see all of the awesome prizes you could win when recapping with us.  Grab the button for your post!

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July began with us on vacation (which started in June).  We first went to Utah for a few days, then went to Yellowstone for a family reunion with my side of the family.
My side of the family-- all 27 of us!
The worst part- I never really blogged about it!  I kept meaning to do a Throw back Thursday all last month and catch up (as I get my blog printed every year), but I never did.  It may have been the 1200 pictures I had from the trip to go through that overwhelmed me in the end.

I did share this fun video though I made from our vacation, definitely worth watching.

While I was gone on vacation, I told about my first kiss with my husband.

We spent our 4th of July in Utah, where Eric put on a firework show for us (with fireworks we purchased in Montana).

After our trip we mostly enjoyed what was left of our summer, lots of pajama days, made some cookies, toured model homes and I did a few photo shoots.

Then it was time to share my Back to School Check-list, as school was about to begin again.

Pictures from the month


We had our annual YES Day right before the kids went back to school.

My Kids started school- like right away.. August 4th to be precise.

Ryder started preschool and I was home alone for the first time in many years!
We had a few beach days- on the weekend since school was back in.

   I told why my kids are colorblind, had two gets get sick during the month, I found an awesome thrift store that is just books, Alex started soccer again, we went to Knotts Berry Farm for my husband's work party and I photographed more newborns.

Some Pictures from the month


I lamented about the fact that kids sometimes cry for no reason.  I got a little more serious and told why you need to teach your kids when they are young, and I told you about my son's humility

Football season was in full swing, had some great date nights, we got passes to the aquarium and saw this scary guy
I also told why we won't ever allow our kids to have sleepovers.
We took our yearly trip to Big Bear
And I told why you shouldn't give up on your dreams.

Pictures from the month

Super good hair day

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2014 Review Extravaganza


  1. I totally agree with the whole no sleep over thing. I don't plan on letting my kids do them either. I can't believe your kids started school so early! And I love the 'yes day' idea! Very fun.

  2. What a fun summer! I want to go to Yellowstone so badly. Since I'm new to your blog I'm really looking forward to clicking through to some of those older posts. Happy Monday!

  3. Looks like you had an action packed fun summer! You have a beautiful family! So glad I found this link up!


  4. I think it's so great you guys have reunions so frequently. I can't remember the last family reunion we had. And I LOVE your YES day!!

  5. Reunions are awesome! Love that you got to capture that! And the kids' first days of school--love it!!

  6. WOW, lots going on these past three months! Don't stress too much on the recap, I still have recapped my Alaska trip this summer. There's just always so much going on, ya know? I love the annual YES day, how fun!!! THe first day of school pictures are too cute!

  7. "super lukenator" i love it haha

    such a busy few months!

  8. The 4th of July baby is so precious! And I love the idea of a "YES" day! :)

  9. I still love that video! I soooooooo want to go on one of those things!