Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 10 of 2014

It is always fun to look back over the year- here are some Top 10 of 2014. I did a similar post last year which you can see here.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts I Wrote in 2014 (Not the top 10 overall)

1. The Four Part Apology

2. Master Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

3. Painting Bookcase with Annie Sloan Paint

4. How to Be Organized for the New Year

5. Beach Trip Essentials 

6. Favorite Photo Editing Phone Apps

7. Why I won't Let My Kids Have Sleepovers 

8. New Year's Kids Interview Questions 

9. Legoland -A Young Family Destination

10. Bedroom Makeover Panting Furniture 
Most of these posts were very pinnable, and as you can see below, Pinterest is my top referring site.   So are these posts the top because of Pinterest or is Pinterest the top because of these posts?   It is kind of like the chicken and the egg thing, though I am leaning towards the former.

Top Referring Sites

1. Pinteret
2. Came Directly To site
3. Google Search
5. Facebook
7. Facebook
9. Mobile Facebook
10. Bing

Top 10 Key Words that Bring People to My Blog (all time-not just 2014)
1. 32 weeks pregnant
2. emmy
3. how to make a box cake better
4. gray be gone
5. best box cake mix
6. date in a box
7. easy school lunch ideas
8. lego cake
9. emmymom-onedayatatime
10. babies born at 32 weeks

I posted 220 post (exact same as last year!) with visitors from all over the world, the top 5 are

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. South Africa

It was fun to look back.  Do you have a favorite post from last year?  How about this last week?  Don't forget to link up your one favorite post from this last week to the new linky Best of the Blogosphere that I am helping host.



  1. This is really cool, Emmy! Do you know this from looking at Google Analytics? I have that installed on my site, but have to admit that I have no idea how to use it or understand what all the graphs mean. Maybe you should write a post explaining that soon... :)

    Fantastic that your #3 referring site is google search! People are finding you in their results - that's awesome!

    1. Yep, I did find it from google analytics, I have to admit I barely understand it myself- just enough to wander around and find things. There would definitely be better people to teach it :)

  2. How fun to do an over all statistics look at your blog! If I can actually stay on top of blogging this year I might join you in this next year. Big if. :)

  3. Because of you last year, I did this then and I did something like this again. It is fun to look back and see what people actually liked :)

    1. Yes, it definitely is fun and always interesting what ends up on top