Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

I am always grateful for the chance to look back and find the good.  I began this meme many years ago now after a really hard month, where I needed to find some good.  Join me the last Tuesday of every month for 10 Things to Smile About This Month.

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Ten Things to Smile About in October

1. Birthday's, birthday's birthday!  Starting off with Lucas!  I now have a pre-teen, yikes!
Birthday Boy

2. Completing many projects!  Including this dresser makeover.

3. An awesome visit with my in-laws
Family at Glen Oak

4. Finally getting some 'fall' weather-- SoCal fall, but hey I will take it!
Fall Leaves in SoCal

5. Chaperoning Field Trips and being able to help in my kids classrooms
Field Trip Selfie

6. So many amazing sunsets and sunrises this month  (this was a sunrise)

7. A weekend of pure spiritual bliss

8. My birthday and how much my family spoiled and pampered me, including making this incredible dinner for me
Birthday Dinner

9. Halloween costumes-- have a really fun shoot planned with Alex
Halloween costumes

10. My kids and the opportunity to be their mother... yes they drive me crazy at times but I truly love them with all my heart
My Kids

What made you smile this month?


  1. All awesome things to smile about! Being a mom is the best - thanks for the opportunity to reflect on my blessings this month. :)

  2. That sunrise is breathtaking! Holy smokes! I am so happy that you were up and able to capture it. And it sounds like October is as busy for you as it is for me! What a lovely list. I love that the majority of it was about your kids. :)

  3. So cute!

    And what's wrong with those trees? They look funny.

  4. Beautiful sunrise! Great costumes for the kiddos. Can't wait to see the fun photo shoot with Alex. Love love love the before and after of the dresser. You're motivating me to do something with my old dresser that has paint peeling off it.

  5. Those are all such wonderful things to smile about! Sounds like October was a fantastic month :)

  6. Your kids' costumes are great! You did a fantastic job on that dresser!

  7. Looks like you had a great month! And that dinner they made you... That's fabulous!