Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Family Valentine Traditions: Fancy Family Valentines Dinner

Valentines Day is all about love, and the best people to celebrate love with is your family.  Several years ago, rather then go out and fight the crowds on Valentine's Day we began a Fancy Family Valentine's Dinner.   This tradition has carried on for many years now and the kids still love it.
Fancy Family Valentines Dinner
Here is 2017's Fancy Family Valentine's Dinner.

This year we actually had our dinner a few nights early as we knew our Tuesday night was full of soccer and trip to the Temple for my son.  Most of the decor is either from the dollar store or the Target Dollar section.  Some things I save over the years, like the vases and rose petals; it really is not an expensive ordeal.
Table Setting
We did something new this year but bringing all the kids with us to the store when we bought the food and let them pick out their own special treat to put in their box.
Valentines Dinner Table Decor

I always love doing easy clean-up decor, disposable plates, napkins, etc.  Just because it is disposable doesn't mean it can't look fancy.
Heart plate

The Menu
This year for dinner we had: heart shaped ravioli, sushi, lobster crostini, crackers with spinach artichoke dip, chocolate covered strawberries, quinoa salad, crinkle cut carrots, and sparkly drink.
Valentines Day Dinner


Heart Shaped Ravioli
It was a great meal,  even if we did lose half of the sushi when someone's elbow accidentally knocked the tray on the floor. It is a tradition we will definitely be continuing for many years.
Fancy Dinner

Do you have any Valentine's Day Traditions?

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  1. The heart shaped ravioli looks awesome

  2. I love that you do this and have kept up the tradition.

  3. What a delicious meal! I love that you have continued with this tradition -- I can imagine the kids love it too ♥

    1. They really do, they would be sad if we stopped