Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About

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Has another month really gone by? Well I guess technically there is one bonus day left- but still went so fast. Come join me for Ten Things to Smile About-- this is a monthly meme that I host where I look back and find ten things that made me smile. I started it after a rough month where I really needed to find something good.

Please grab the button (just copy the code below the button) for your post to help spread the word. Here is my list this month

Ten Things to Smile About: February

1. Celebrating Valentines Day with my Family

2. My antique window decor I made

3. My golden-hearted son trying to teach his friend about the golden rule

4. Going on a date with Eric

5. Chocolatey faces

6. Warm sunny afternoons spent outside with my kids

7. Spending the day shopping with CA Girl

8. Curls -swoon9. A Little Family weekend fun

10. Lucas received two awards at the awards assemblyWhat made you smile this month?
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  1. wow way to go lucas two awards how cool

  2. February has been a great month for you! You've been a busy bee...and congrats to Lucas!

  3. Your Valentine's celebration puts my trip to Chick-fil-a to shame! Looks like a great month.

    Love the chalk drawing photo. We've had a lot of days like that too. Makes me happy to live somewhere warm....at least until June.

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. How precious are those curls?? I love them!

    I saved your Valentine's post so I can do it next year!

    "Chocolate faces" needs to be framed. I LOVE those kinds of faces!!!

    Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

  5. My Jakob had curls like that and I just loved them. :)

    You had a great month!

  6. I have got to put this on my calendar to link up!!! I could have added it with my post today darn it.. kickin myself!! I love your 10 things-- you always capture the best in your pictures!!! I need a date with my Erik!!

  7. I just love that antique frame. :)
    And the curls...**sighs**

  8. I'm sending a picture of your antique window to my bestie, she has a window from her husbands grandmothers house and that would be perfect!

    I love your monthly meme, it's way too easy to see only the negative, this is a perfect way to stop doing that!

  9. We are truly besties. We started our posts the same! hahaha. Shopping was a blast! And I love those curls.

    What a great month!!!

  10. Curls! What a busy month you've had Emmy- here's hoping March is just as eventful and full of happiness!

  11. I ADORE that window decor you made!!

    The kids are sooooo cute!

  12. My kids would LOVE a power wheels.

  13. Love your list!! Those curls!!! so adorable..and I do love a chocolate face. Where did you guys go on your date??

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture wall you made with the vintage-y window frame/pane...SO cute!! Wonderful things to make you smile. I'm going to try to remember to link up next month!

  15. aww chocolately faces. I couldn't help but worry about the chocolate getting everywhere. OCD much?

    CURLS!! I hope our baby has curls. Match does when his hair gets longer so fingers crossed.

  16. warm days outside . . . now I'm really excited to come and visit! :) And such fun beautiful pictures. Ryder is so darling! Wu!

  17. I wish you lived closer so you could help me with crafts!!!

    Great list this month... your kids keep getting cuter & cuter!

  18. Looks like a great month! I love Ryders curls, I also love the shirt your wore shopping with CA Girl!

  19. Love your list:) Great idea! Think I'll link up :)

  20. Love the soundtrack to your video - ha!
    And those curls, definitely swoon-worthy!

  21. LOTS to smile about for sure!! thanks for linking up with my Happy List..the memes do go perfectly together!

    love the chocolate covered cuteness!

  22. So cute Emmy. I especially love the Antique Window Decor. It's beautiful. The kids are super adorable too.

  23. Those are definitely some great things to be happy about!

  24. I linked up - I love this monthly meme!! Thanks for hosting!!

    And I love the new look - when did this happen?? NICE!!


  25. Oh my gosh. The curls!! You know I love the curls.

    I finally linked up. It's been a long time since I played along.

  26. Awesome smiley list!

    I need to do this this month! I hope I remember!!

  27. I love that you make valentines day dinner fancy. I think it makes such a difference for the kids to add the little things in life for them. I tried to grab your button, but had coding errors. Sorry. Thank you again for this, it is one of my favorite posts.

  28. Curls and chocolatey faces are pretty hard to resist!