Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review Extravaganza 2013 Week 4

The year is quickly coming to a close and it is the final week of the 2013 Review Extravaganza.   It has been so great reading all of your recaps of the year, I have even found a few new bloggers because of this.

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You can still join in this week and just recap the entire year if you would like.  Also this time- you will have until Friday the 3rd to link up for this final review as this is a busy week for most.

When you do recap, you can enter to be one of the two winners of over $600 in prizes!  (See all of the prizes and the rules here).

 So spread the word and join in remembering 2013.  Also, this week we thought it would be fun to share your goals and hopes for 2014.


I reflected on the fact I might not like it when all my kids go to school, enjoyed a wonderful General Conference weekend with so many great inspirational quotes and talks,
I wrote a post to my oldest when he turned 9 and later shared about why his cake made me sad
I got to see my best friend and roommate from college when her family stopped by on their way to Disney
Had such a great time and met so many awesome ladies at the SoCal Blogging Social
My in-laws came to visit

And I may have had a birthday and shared my birth picture

Then of course there was Halloween


Ryder struck back, I poured my heart out about when the Green-Eyed Monster got me, and ended up discussing my daughter's hair at parent teacher conferences,
This is bed head- never this bad when she goes to school
We had a potty-training miracle-i.e. he finally peed on the toilet for the first time

Poured my heart out again about finding Peace in Life

Reflected on what I would do if I lost it all and recounted my memories of the tornado that destroyed my town

I got on a soap-box and told why kids can do hard things, especially if we expect them too
My brother and his family came to visit and Alex turned 7 (on Thanksgiving) and I remembered to ask her the birthday questions right before she went to bed


I shared our Thanksgiving week in pictures
The Review Extravaganza began!

Had a very tragic week when one of my son's classmates was hit and killed by a car while walking home from school.

Photographed my church's living Nativity

Got all dressed up went to my husband's work party
Finally took pictures for our Christmas card (which I may be mailing out-cough- tomorrow)

Participated in Old School Blogging and told you why my three trees makes me more like Martha at Christmas
Photographed two newborns this month, including this sweet girl
Finally told about our Utah Reunion trip, that happened in July in 3 parts 1, 2 and 3.

Saw Santa at our church Christmas party

Went to Knotts for probably the last time this year

Celebrated Christmas Eve (more to come about that later)



Then of course yesterday celebrated Christmas (more on this later too)


Including the present that brought tears to my eyes

It really has been a great year; with some definite highs and lows but I love looking back and realizing that the good times really do out-weigh the bad.

Last year on the final week of the Review I shared my 5 goals/wishes for this year, here were last years' 5:

1 Have the laundry put away before I go to bed everyday (don't faint Eric).  Failed-Did so-so with this, but not every day
2. Read my scriptures every day- Failed, need to do better with this
3. Do a Time for Tots day at least once a month-Failed- didn't do one :(
4. Have a weekly menu planned for at least 48 weeks of the year- Failed probably did about 30 weeks
5. Run another 5K- Failed didn't run at all

Wow, that was a bit depressing.  Here are my 5 goals for 2014, fingers crossed I will do better.

1. To Get on a good cleaning schedule and stick to it
2. Read 30 books
3. Do a Time for Tots Day at least once a month (until Ryder starts preschool)
4. Get the business end stuff of my photography business all in order
5. Participate in the instagram photoaday challenge every day

What are your 5 goals for the year?  Remember lots of time to join in this week.

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  1. I love that shot of Alex reading under the tree! And I am SO excited for your new camera baby! I forget, which camera were you upgrading from? I think my next purchase will be the Canon 6D - full body, but a much cheaper price tag! Although the dream would still be the Mark 5D. Sigh.

    Good luck with your 2014 goals! And happy new year, my friend!

    1. I had the 5D which is an awesome amazing camera, but have wanted this one because of it's huge jump in ISO and ability to shoot in very little light without getting a lot grain. Also it can take video! Excited to play around with that.

  2. I agree this has been a year of highs and lows. Looks like you guys have had a great December!! I can't wait to hear about Christmas Eve/Day and congrats on the new camera. Feel free to send your old one my way... lol :)

    1. I will be selling my Xti at some point, but holding onto my 5D as a back up :)

  3. I love all of your photos, especially the Christmas ones! I can't wait to read your posts on that. Looks like you got an amazing gift! Good luck with your 2014 goals :D

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I do better with this years goals than last, I couldn't believe I failed them all!

  4. Great recap!I am just loving all your Christmas photos! I sadly didn't get a picture of all three kids together on Christmas. At least the tree will stay up for awhile so there is still time.

    1. Yep, totally do it after the fact! I always get a picture with all three on Christmas Eve as I know there is no way it will happen Christmas morning.

  5. Love your goals for 2014! What a fun recap! I loved all of your Christmas pictures. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. Thanks! I hope I do better this year with my goals. Hope you had a great Christmas too.

  6. Another great year of recaps that I always look forward to ending the year with! I always enjoy your fantastic pictures and seeing your family growing. xoxo.

    1. Thank you!! Thank you so much for hosting this with me for so many years and for your friendship and support.

  7. I don't think I want to look at last year's goals. Hahaha. I am so totally jealous of your camera. Gah! Talk about green eyed monster! :P

    1. Yea, I couldn't believe it when I looked at last years post and realized I had failed all of them! Yikes!

  8. It was fun to catch up on your life. It's been a full and busy time for you. Love the Christmas pictures, it looks like everyone was so happy!

    1. Thank you! It has been a busy but really nice Christmas season.

  9. Excellent that you got a camera! Looks like a busy few months there. I was just talking to my mom about having multiple trees but I don't think my house is big enough. LOL.

  10. I love your birth picture. And if you find a good cleaning schedule that works, please share!

  11. Your kids match mine for costumes!! Crazy! And what a fun few months!

  12. I love your Christmas pictures! And your post about your son's classmate that passed away really touched me. The quote on death and mourning really spoke to me.
    Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that book ended up being just the right time to read it. I am so grateful for my faith and the family’s faith during that tragic time.