Friday, December 16, 2011

Review Extravaganza 2011- Week 2

Welcome back for week 2 of the 2011 Review Extravaganza! We were so happy with how many people linked up last week. I loved reading the reviews. In case you are new, and please do link up-still three weeks left-- you can read the rules here.

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So here is my week two review which covers April, May and June


We spent our Saturdays watching Soccer games

Ryder learned to crawl

(what!?! Seems so weird this was just April- they change too fast)

CA Girl and I got to meet a blogging friend Glamazon Mom when she was here for vacation
(excuse my double chin)

I took a mental spring break while reading Hunger Games- i.e. I ignored my family until I was done reading and a real vacation with a trip to Vegas- family style that is- and well the rest of the story here
We celebrated Easter with lots of eggs and new Sunday outfits
Proud Mommy Moments began as a weekly meme and I asked Kmama to host with me


I celebrated Mother's day with a lunch at Alex's preschool, songs from Lucas' kindergarten class, a smokin' hot new Sunday outfit, flowers and sushi

Ryder turned 1! We celebrated with a party and I reflected on his crazy birth story- he born at 32 weeks while we were on vacation in another state

I was Shell's Friday BFF! Very exciting day.


I wrote a poem of sorts intitled "The Ride" talking about our upcoming move

I finally finished Ryder's First year video- it is a tiny long but I think you will really enjoy it

Eric and I got to enjoy a great night on a boat for his work party
Alex graduated from preschool and Lucas from kindergarten
I had lots of great guest posters while my life was in boxes-literally during our move

And that just about sums up those three months. What happened to you during those months?
Grab the button and link up!! I'll be around to read all of the posts for sure as I love them!


  1. I really love Ryder's video. It makes me want to have another baby. You have a beautiful family.

    I just recently finished Hunger Games, I could not put that book down. Now I have to get the second book.

  2. The crawling video is too precious! Amazing how much can change in a year!

  3. What a busy three months! I love how organized those boxes are. HA!

  4. I remember you being Shell's BFF--that's how I came across your blog!

  5. Wow, what a busy 3 months! And the move with those little of kids, I'd have literally pulled my hair out! You're a strong woman!

  6. Moving is never fun, glad you survived it!

  7. An exciting three months! I love all of your pictures, you have such a sweet family!

  8. I know how you felt about reading the Hunger was like the world disappeared for two weeks while I read the series! Loved it!

    You have a beautiful family :)

  9. I did the EXACT same thing while reading the Hunger Games (in record time I might add). I'm now reading The Maze Runner--not nearly as quickly but equally interesting. It's also a trilogy--which apparently are my favorite.

    Loooove the pics of Ryder! So cute!

    Look at all those boxes! Holy Moly!

  10. I remember a lot of these posts! I love Ryder's first year made my cry.

  11. I remember quite a few of these. I guess we've been blog buds for a while now! So nice that the move seems long ago, at least to me.

  12. Meeting Glam was sooo much fun! I miss you so much. I really am glad we got together as much as we did. :)

  13. That Ryder video is precious. I love the idea of putting him in the same place every month. You can really see him grow!

    I took a break from the world while I devoured the Hunger Games books as well. I am so excited for the movie!

  14. Gosh your family is beautiful!!!! I love all of these pictures! Just how tall is your husband? I figure either he must be really tall, or you're really short. :o) (I'm a shortie. Only 5'2"!)

    I REALLY love that picture with the boxes! Adorable!

  15. That's a lot of boxes!

    Ahh, soccer Saturdays! Love those. Although, we haven't done that yet.

    Really, this year has gone by too fast!

  16. Amazing life.
    Full and busy.

    I was a young mom BD. (before digital). It was so expensive to develop film........I may still have some undeveloped rolls.

  17. Love those 1 year old portraits! And if I ever move again, I am calling you--your boxes look so orderly and neat!

  18. Your family pictures are always gorgeous! He is so cute on those boxes! And I loved how you took a picture of Ryder every month with the same background--it's so amazing how fast they grow!

    The Hunger Games also sucked me in!

  19. you had a busy 3 months! I bought myself the hunger games to give to myself for Christmas I haven't read them yet!

  20. I remember this stuff! I loved that picture of Ryder on the boxes.

  21. Love the video! And all your pictures. What a wonderful 3 months you had! :)

  22. I'm still jealous of your packing crew. Still love the pic of Ryder in the hat. And you didn't not have a double chin.

  23. Ok...the last picture--ROCKS! How stinking ADORABLE! I hate moving though...the boxes give me anxiety!


  24. looks like a busy few months for your family. love the pic of your little guy on top of the boxes.

  25. You always have the best pictures!! I need to learn how to use the 4500123 features on my camera so I can get some like you! Your family is ADORABLE!!! You have taught the kids well with stellar smiles!! I am ready for some soccer games!! Gotta get my lil' kicker signed up for something before he loses his mind with all this energy!

  26. I can't even stand how cute your kids are. The pictures of Ryder with the fedora are the best!!

  27. You have such fantastic photos! I love it!

    I missed the linky this week, but I did post it today! :)