Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review Extravaganza 2013 Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2013 Review Extravaganza. (#RE2013) It is your chance to look back and recap the year three months at a time.  Last week we recapped Jan-March.  This week we are recapping April, May and June.

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Not only do we get to look back and remember, but you can also enter to win over $600 in prizes!

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If you did not recap last week, it isn't too late to join in.  You can either recap the first 6 months this week and then go on the regular schedule starting next week, you just won't be eligible for the bonus points for linking all four weeks.


I pondered why our Easter pictures always end up being a big fail

I actually shared (didn't want to give out this secret) my go-to bring a side dish recipe of the best broccoli salad ever!

I failed as a parent when I forgot to pick Lucas up from school.

Started (and sort of succeeded) at a new tradition of celebrating half birthday's with half a cake.
I talked about finding peace in times of tragedy after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Lucas finally caught the book-worm-bug!

And we had the Kindy-500


My oldest two finally learned how to tie their shoes

Got to see my bestie at a FREE yummy dinner for bloggers and tried Marie Callender's new menu
I got a little political talking about the new age regulations of the morning after pill

Celebrated Mother's Day!

Ryder turned 3!

Lucas' car did awesome at the PineWood derby

Attended the Elevate Blogging Conference

And Our summer officially began!


I had a week of great guest posts while I was away on vacation (which I didn't blog about until the following month)

Began potty training Ryder for the first time (which really finally successfully happened in November!)

Shared some serious newborn cuteness with a newborn shoot I did

Had a major half birthday fail
Celebrated Father's day and a Wedding Anniversary that landed on the same day this year

And told you how a towel could have ended my marriage.

It was a good three months without any major sickness or craziness.  Made me almost wish it was summer break again (especially when it is homework time).

What was the favorite thing you did this summer?

Now link up below, remember if you haven't recapped yet you still can.  You will have through next Wednesday to link up with week 2.

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  1. I loved your towel post!! I remember reading it and then thinking about the tiny pillow that my fiancee uses even though it is WAY to small!!

  2. I couldn't find the picture of us from the blog dinner. :( But hey, my linky is working this week! Score. I remember the towel post too. hahaha.

  3. I love the ice cream car you and your daughter made! I have a hard time stepping back when the kids have projects too, but sometimes they can really surprise you!

  4. I love 'fail' pictures. They're my favorite kind!

  5. Sounds like some fun months! I was so excited when Elliot finally got excited about reading.

  6. I really love your Easter picture. Allison would fit right in that picture, she loves sticking her tongue out.

  7. Replies
    1. He is 6’8” and I am 5’5” on a good day :)

  8. That Easter picture is priceless! Happy belated Anniversary!

    1. Thank you! Yes, don’t know what it is about Easter

  9. Your Easter pictures are my 4th of July pictures! Every stinkin' year! I finally gave up and didn't even try. They were all adorable in their cute little outfits, but I didn't snap a single picture! And the blue towel...that is soooo how marriage is sometimes! Great recap!

    1. So crazy! What is with your 4th and my Easter? Some weird curse I guess :)

  10. Always fun to relive these moments... how a towel almost ended your marriage. Summer got started in a very busy way and I wish I had done the half birthdays-- they would be so fun. Reese is already telling me who is invited to her party in JUNE of next year!

    1. Yea, sadly we ended up missing a couple and that tradition already seems to have ended.. maybe next year we will do better.

  11. Love the Easter photos. The half birthday is such a fun idea!! Hope you can restart it this year! My third son's name is Ryker...close to Ryder. That's a super cute name too!

  12. Can we have a grown-up version of the Kindy-500?! That looks like serious fun! That picture of Ryder is priceless. And I was LOL about the towel - it's so true. I used to make assumptions about what my husband liked to eat, and then I found out he was eating a lot of things he didn't like to spare my feelings. Also, I want to celebrate half birthdays at your house!

  13. I used to follow your blog many many moons ago and LOVED it! I need to get back to visiting so I can read all your fun posts! But it looks like you live quite a fun life!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to see you are recapping with us.