Friday, December 14, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012: Week 2

Welcome back for the second week of the Review Extravaganza 2012!

This week we will be recapping April, May and June.   If you have not joined us yet you still can!  You can either recap the first six months or just jump right in.  You won't qualify for the bonus points of linking all four weeks but you can still earn lots of points or just recap just because it is fun to do!

Did you know the points enter you to win over $300 in prizes?

 Make sure when you add your link you add your link to your actual post and not just your blog.
And definitely visit my co-hosts!  I love these ladies. Lourie-CA GirlMiMi-Living in France;Nicole-Life's a Beach; Mrs. Match-Date Girl DiariesJanette-Johanson Journey.

Can't wait to read your next recaps!


-It took me over 2 hours to register my daughter for kindergarten. I poured my heart out about the lack of stability with our frequent moves.  Lucas was student of the month.

-Made and taught you all how to make cute laundry room decor.
I tried to get Easter pictures of my kids- someone wasn't cooperating

My kid said some funny (and disgusting) things.   I then turned serious and got political about the wealthy's ability to understand.

I shared my awesome cake making abilities and taught you how to make the perfect cake from a box!
And we all got to enjoy how Ryder eats pizza


I began by wondering why I can't just enjoy playtime anymore.

I crashed a blogger get together and got to meet a lot of awesome bloggers in real life!
Impulsive Addict, Viv of VSpot, Seriously Shawn, ME, Jenny Harried mom 4, Rebeca Texas Darling, JK, Connie Young and Relentless
Made a gift for Lucas' teacher
Lucas AND Alex learned how to ride their bikes!

Celebrated Mother's Day with a tribute to my mama.

And my preemie baby Ryder turned 2!!
And of course I showed you how I made his farm cake.

Had lots of fun with  my parents in town; attended lots of soccer games; there was a solar eclipse and 

an awesome weekend away with my bestie CA Girl and our families.

And school ended, Alex graduated from preschool and we celebrated with a surprise weekend trip for our kids. 

  -Started off all political again, but this time about marriage.  And then later about kids and clothing

-Started sharing my instragram photoaday pics and began the meme at the end of the month. 

Had a fabulous weekend in Big Bear with the family 
Some summer slip and slide fun
I told you 1000 (okay maybe a few less) reasons I blog and celebrated 11 years of marriage! 

Celebrated Father's day with a cute gift for Eric
Lucas and Alex learned how to swim!  
So there we go- there is my recap. 
Can't wait to see your recaps!  And don't forget to get your points for this week.


  1. Surprise trips are the best. You guys had lots of early summer fun!

  2. That cake is cute! Looks like a great couple of months.

  3. Love your ability to express your beliefs, you can get political any time!

    And suddenly, I want cake!

  4. So much summer fun!

    I'm still so bummed that I wasn't feeling well the day we met. :(

  5. Your kiddos are so cute, and how fun that you got to crash a blogger get together!

  6. I love the Fathers Day photos, so adorable!

  7. A) I LOVE the laundry room decorating ideas!! I'm going to pass them on to my friend who just re-did her laundry room!

    B) I clicked on your post to read the funny things your kids say, and they had me giggling out loud. SO cute! I especially loved, "I always have a pair of nailclippers with me; it's called my mouth!" HA!!

    C) The photos for Father's day?? PRICELESS!!

  8. Man, we all talked about blogger meet ups this time!! LOL!

  9. Your photos are so awesome! I can't wait to teach B how to ride a bike. And that farm cake is AMAZING.

  10. You are so creative and fun! I love all of your projects and pictures :D Your kids are way too cute even when they aren't cooperating with the camera!

  11. Looks like it's been an amazing year!

    I love the birthday cake! I need to do something similar for Andrew's birthday next month... he loves tractors!

  12. Some of those things I remember like they were last month! Fun stuff. I soooo wanted to do the review stuff, but turns out I am squished and never can get it off the ground. Sad day! The prizes look so good and I'm missing all the fun!

  13. I love the recap. The picture of Ryder eating pizza is too adorable!

  14. now i know I'm crazy I can remember Vandy J beer post but for the life of me not the perfect cake post. grabs notepad and heads over to learn how to make perfect cake.

  15. I love the recaps! I remember the laundry room photo shoot. I wish I had a laundry room so I could do something similar one day with Piglet! Love that birthday cake too!

  16. Wow, and people keep telling me I was busy. I think you blow me completely out of the water. I just love that Easter photo of Ryder! And I didn't realize he turned 2 earlier this year, although I remember reading the post. Boy It's so hard to believe it has been 6+ months ago all this happened!

  17. you're so crafty! love the father's day and teacher's gift and your laundry room!