Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012: Final Week

This is it!  The final week of the Review Extravaganza 2012.   I have loved reading your recaps of the year and have met several new bloggers because of it!  This week we will be recapping October, November and December- but if you haven't linked up yet just recap the whole year, tell your favorite thing or post from every month if you would like and join in the fun.   Plus this week we are adding our 5 goals/hopes for the following year for fun too.

When you recap you are eligible to enter to be the lucky winner of over $300 in prizes!
For more details on prizes and rules- see the Rules post here. 

And I want to give a big shout out and thanks to my wonderful co-hosts!  They are  Lourie-CA GirlMiMi-Living in France;Nicole-Life's a Beach; Mrs. Match-Date Girl DiariesJanette-Johanson Journey.

You can see my previous recaps here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Here we go


Ryder got his first hair cut!

Lucas turned 8!
And we celebrated at the bowling alley
Ryder got more brave in his tumbling class- though he still wants me to hold his hand

Lucas made us so proud when he chose to get baptized

Attended the SoCal Blogger Social
Me and Viv of the V-Spot
I may have had a birthday too and told you 32 things about me in honor of it
And there was Halloween of course
Snow White and the Huntsman about to go to a party
Complete with one of my favorite movies I have made - with the great Princess Rescue


Ryder gave up his paci's!!
Told you why I was called a "Pajama Runner" in college
Bought and created the best lego table ever!
Blogged about Ryder in honor of World Prematurity Awareness Day
Got crafty with some DIY Yarn Christmas Cone trees
Last minute trip to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving!
All the cousins with new pajamas
Alex turned 6!


Christmas party at church

I created snow for my Christmas tree (and taught you how) and it quickly became my favorite tree of all time!
We had fun taking pictures for our Christmas card
The third Review Extravaganza 2012 began!

Went to the LA Auto show, ate in the middle of the ocean, and shot a family all in one weekend!
There was snow in So-Cal in honor of 12-12-12 (they brought some in to my kid's school)

Got all dressed up for my husband's work party

Went to a minor league hockey game- saw a guy get kicked out for fighting

All of our hearts broke a little one tragic Friday morning

Lost my voice cheering on my BYU Cougars as the San Diego Poinsettia Bowl game- which we won!

We had a fun Christmas Eve with lots of traditions

Ryder found Santa's cookies!
And of course Christmas morning fun!
The aftermath
It really has been a great year and I am thankful for my wonderful family who has been there for me through all of it.

Here are my 5 Goals for next year
1. Have the laundry put away before I go to bed everyday (don't faint Eric)
2. Read my scriptures every day
3. Do a Time for Tots day at least once a month
4. Have a weekly menu planned for at least 48 weeks of the year
5. Run another 5K

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  1. I still love that LEGO table. We're headed to The Container Store today to look for some storage solutions!

  2. Also....I love your menu planning goal. I used to post my weekly menu on my food blog. I should do that again.

  3. Some of it seems so much longer ago than it was but I remember a lot of this, and yay again to the letting of the pacifier!

  4. I love the snow and it is nice to know that when the holidays leave someone else will be sweeping as much glitter up as I will!

    Please share your weekly menus!

  5. Great goals! I always try the weekly menu (we have a dry erase menu in the kitchen) but I feel like I'm always changing it. But at least I have the goal I suppose. Lately it's been, "Sweetie the baby NEEDS chinese takeout!" lol!
    I love that Lucas made the decision to be baptized on his own. That makes my heart happy! And I love love love the picture of Ryder and the cookies!
    The dragon video is one of my favorite posts of yours this year!

  6. I love it! I have so many posts to look through from you. Next year I am definitely doing that snow garland. :)
    I ADORE your kids' Halloween costumes! So great! And that dress you wore to your husband's Christmas party is gorgeous!

  7. The weekly menu is a big one. I couldn't do it. LOL
    LOVE that snow on the tree and I'm going to try to do it next year.

  8. "Don't faint Eric" hahahaha Love that.

    I LOVE that picture of Ryder with Santa's cookies.

    I can't believe that Alex is 6 and that Lucas has been baptized. It's surreal!

    I love the Halloween movie. Sooo cute.

    Thanks again for letting me host. I am happy to have been a part of it!

  9. Your kids are so gosh darn cute! I love Ryder's blond curls, how darling!!
    Sounds like you all have had a wonderful year, and the pictures are beyond adorable!

  10. Awe, it's still so hard to believe that Ryder got his first hair cut just a few short months ago. Your Halloween costumes are great and you're so darn creative! You can soooooo come decorate and craft at my house!

  11. I love the Lego table. And I can't believe that Ryder got his first haircut in October! (My 15-month-old has had so much hair since he was born....and never lost it.) And your Christmas card photo was SO FUN!

  12. Wow Emily...I'm impressed with your goals. I'm usually pretty good at getting the laundry washed...but putting it away? Not so good at that.

    I hadn't ever seen the Christmas party pic--with all the angels on the stage. Love to hear more about that! Got any more pics from that day? I should post your menus...heh heh heh...then the rest of us can just copy. J/K Ha Ha

  13. Your pictures are always what I love about your blog. You take such great shots and capture the most precious memories! I also am now contemplating my goals... maybe not next year but SOME year.. I can tackle the 5k... right now I think I'd pass out running to the mail box. Your list of 32 about you post was awesome- I might steal that for my next birthday. Love being apart of blogging adventures with you and look forward to what 2013 holds in store!

  14. Wow, I finally looked back on 2012 and it's pretty amazing to see it that way. had fun writing the post. =)

  15. love the snow white costume!