Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza- Week 3

We are halfway through the Review Extravaganza! (#RE2011) Have you linked up? Have you clicked any of the lasts weeks links and read the great recaps? Have you meet my wonderful co-hosts? (CA Girl, Emilisq, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, Mimi Living in France and Runner Mom)

If you answered no to any of these it is not too late! This week are are reviewing July, August and September so you can just jump right in or review Jan-September if you are just joining in. I love reading people's recaps and writing my own as it is fun to go back and look through old posts and remember what happened.

So when you join us, make sure you include the button (just copy and paste the code from the little box) so you can get your point towards the 8 fabulous prizes the co-hosts and I will pick out for the winner. The winner will be randomly picked, but the more points you have the higher your chances.

Enough chit-chat, here is my review.


July began with me very grateful my parents were visiting and our slave labor as we tried to settle into our new home

Ryder saw his first fireworks and didn't cry at all!

I rocked the baby with Shell-- warning lots of adorable baby pictures at this post.

We took a boat ride- only to end up with our boat dying and having to be towed

We went to Utah to visit family which involved me almost flipping a go-kart, lots of cousins and donuts, a professional photo shoot- by me, and snow! (Yes, in July), and camping for the kids in the backyard.

I told about the time I was robbed- but couldn't even tell

Also told about the time I stopped an attacker.

Lucas started first grade and Alex started her second year of Preschool

I met up with my best friend from when I was a kid.
I took my own family's picture

We had the incident with the marker and the balloon

I really got into pinterest and Alex and I made this together- instructions here


I unplugged from the all social media for a day

We had a great labor day weekend that involved my brilliance and the dollar store, a new couch, BYU football and Scandia
Another Pinterest inspiration Oreo Cupcakes- recipe here
Participated in a color swap and my awesome swap partner got me this shirt!
I made this toddler puzzle for Ryder

I began really training for a 5K

So what happened in July, August and September for you? Remember- you can still get a bonus point by following all of the hosts- then just leave a comment saying you are doing so on the Rules Post here.


  1. Loved your recap! That puzzle is adorable! Those Oreo cupcakes look so, so good. Also? Love the picture you took of your own family. Impressive!

  2. I LOVE the pictures of the kids in the sprinklers. Oh, how I miss summer!!

    You sure broke her heart over that balloon :(

    Great recap - I love reading these!

  3. Great sprinkler pictures!!

    Your trip to Utah was a whirlwind!

  4. Oh man, I had forgotten about that marker balloon thing! Poor girl! The rest sure was fun!

  5. Aside from the marker balloon it looks like you had a great summer!!

  6. That is a ton of stuff to get done in 3 months!!! I love the picture on the boat!! Such a good one!!

    The family picture that you took yourself looks amazing!!! Was it one of those self-timer deals where you have to run super fast to get yourself in the photo?!? :o)

  7. As usual, your pictures are beautiful! It seems as though your family did so much in that 3 month period of time, and I'm totally going to check out those Pinterest things. Now, I'm off to really read your other links.

  8. I think it is weird and totally cool that we both got to hook up with childhood friends this year!!! Parents make the best slave labor. :P hehehe

  9. Those pictures you took in July I THINK was the first time I visited you!

  10. I love your pictures they always look so amazing!

  11. I love pintrest! there4 are so many fun cool things to do on there. I've made quite a few recipes I've found too. love the family picture

  12. I just came from the story of you fighting off the attacker. Girl, you've got a lot courage!

    And that marker picture of your daughter is one of the saddest sweetest photos I've seen.

    Great review!

  13. I love that family photo--you did an amazing job!

  14. I just spent a lot of time reading a few of these links! YOU WERE ROBBED AND DIDN'T KNOW IT? Did they at least catch those guys? Why was one sitting on the couch? That is so weird.

    And the marker and the balloon story. That was PRICELESS! Her poor little face!

    Of course I remember some of these as this is when we became buddies! The family pic is still my favorite! You are so talented!

  15. the sprinklers look fun a i remeber most of this

  16. Oh man that picture from the Marker/balloon incident - Poor thing. Love your re-cap!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    I enjoy you and your blog so much :-D

  17. I love looking at your photo's, your an amazing photographer.

    That is awesome how you helped that girl who was getting attacked. I hope she did file a report and stayed away from him.

  18. Wow, on a Friday right before Christmas you got A LOT of comments... kinda jealous... LOL :). Anyway those are great sprinkler shots! And I'm glad I"m not the only one who takes my own family photos :).

  19. That balloon and marker story--been there, tears and all. Loved the pictures.
    Thanks again for hosting this!

  20. Wow, I love your creative projects, especially that puzzle! I must learn to make one.
    Those oreo cupcakes look incredible. Mhmmm.

  21. I LOVE your photography! I even checked out your photo blog. You are awesome!

  22. That is a GREAT family picture!

    I love summer! Looks like you guys had a blast this summer!

  23. I don't know how I missed some of those posts, but that's crazy about those guys just sitting in your apartment acting like they belonged there. Scary.

    And the balloon incident? Oh that picture. I love Alex.

  24. This for sure was the summer of Pinterest!!!

    I love the professional photos you do! They're gorgeous!

  25. I love your pictures! They are so colorful and bright and fantastic! I am going to follow some of the links now!


  26. What a wonderful summer! Your pictures are beautiful!

  27. That is a serious bruise you got in Utah! I love the photos you've taken - especially that family one.